My first ever buttplug was made of some kind of silicon jelly and even though I liked the feeling of it when it slid into me, I hated wearing it. Reason? It constantly slipped out and that made me feel very insecure. I never dared wearing the plug when going anywhere.

The next plug was a steel plug, but not the one you see in the photo. I had been admiring the jewel plugs for quite some time before Master T said I could order one. He wanted me to order the large one, which is quite heavy and 4cm in diameter. Huge, compared to the 2cm I was ‘used’ to.

I still remember the first time I inserted this jewel plug. I took my time, allowing my body to get used to the intrusion, which was more than I have ever taken ‘back there’. Yes, it hurt a bit, but I pushed on. I was not going to back out of trying it. I wanted to feel the plug inside me, and once it was in, I thoroughly enjoyed the feeling. It made me feel full. The weight of the plug was almost comforting. I felt slutty and good when I showed it to Master T. I wanted to have photos made of it, wanted to be able to see what He saw.

The longer I kept the plug in, the wetter my pussy got. It oozed with a silky wetness that left everything slick and soft. This doesn’t only happen when I wear the jewel plug, but with all the plugs I have. The steel ones. But none of the other plugs have a lovely jewel like this. The only downside with the jewel plug is the form of the base. With my butt cheeks being round and full, the sides of the base dig into my flesh and after sitting for maybe half an hour, it starts to hurt. When I walk or lie down it’s okay, but not when I sit. The Njoy plugs are a lot better for long term use.

Still, I love the sight of my jewel plug, of the rich red peaking our from between my cheeks.

20150223wm polaroids past 2010-12

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