Pressure Points

For a brief moment I was tempted to use my New Year’s photo for today’s Sinful Sunday, but then decided to go ahead with our original plan.

We all know that there are quite a lot of kitchen utensils that definitely have kinky potential. Just after Christmas, Master T was ordering a couple of new things for the kitchen and He asked me to check the list and see if I wanted to have something added to it. One item He had on there was an onion comb or an onion holder. I immediately remembered that someone on Fetlife spoke about an onion comb as a kinky implement and I was intrigued, so I asked Master T to order a second one. One for the kitchen and one for His bag of tricks.

Onion comb / Onion holder
Onion comb / Onion holder – to be used to make it easier to slice onions.

When the onion comb arrived I was a bit shocked when I felt how sharp those pointy things are. Shocked… and excited. I imagined Master T ‘combing’ my skin.

Master T had other plans though…

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I believe that the day will come when those steel pressure points will pierce my skin…

Scary, but exciting!

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