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Three of our paddles – the three flap at the top, plain leather one in the middle and the newly acquired vampire paddle in the foreground
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I love a good spanking, and I love to see my bottom cheeks glowing red after a spanking. When I think of a spanking, I automatically think of being spanked by hand and not using any implements for it. But I think a spanking can also be done by using a paddle, or you should call it a paddling.

So let’s restart this… I love a good spanking and I love a good paddling. And whipping, for that matter, but that’s a different subject.

Besides his whips, Master T also owns a couple of paddles. The first paddle we bought was one with a flat surface, about 7-8 centimeters across. I cannot say that I was very fond of it when I felt it on my bottom the first time, and I still am not. Not that I felt it on my bottom many times after that, but still. I prefer it not being used. Then, one one of our trips to a kinky warehouse sale, Master T bought a paddle with three ‘flaps’. He hasn’t really used this one yet, but have tried it on me and I can still remember the sting. The first flap touches your body and the second and third flap drives the energy of the swing deeper into your flesh, which makes this paddle quite a painful one.

Now I have to divert some in order to make sense in the rest of this post. If you have been reading this blog for some time, you will know that I love the vampire gloves. You might also remember that we do not use this only for sensation play. In fact, we almost never use it for sensation play. Master T uses the vampire gloves to spank me. For as long as we have the vampire gloves – I think about two years now – I wanted a vampire paddle. I searched the Internet and found one or two, but they either had to come from Australia or were not exactly what I had in mind. Or they were just too damn expensive. I found one that was priced close to a 100 euros.

Then sometime last year we visited a sex shop in a small town only a 45 minute drive from here. This sex shop specializes in leather articles. Leather BDSM clothing, leather cuffs, collars, whips, paddles, floggers, strap ons… you name it. Anything kinky that can be made from a piece of leather, you can find here. We were amazed by their craftsmanship and of course, we also bought a couple of things, such as my new night collar. Then, just before we left they showed us their workshop and there it was: a vampire paddle! Okay, technically not a true vampire paddle, but it was close enough. Where the ‘classic’ vampire paddle is covered in a series of pins grouped together in small circles, this one had pins in neat rows. They made me think of the tips of nails. We bought it and I was as happy as can be, especially when we used it for the first time and it left tiny red, bloody spots on my bottom.

And then, just two weeks ago I was offered a real vampire paddle for a review. Can you imagine how happy I was? I can hardly wait to try it and post my review here, then try it again, and again, and again!

To say I love a vampire paddle would be an understatement.

Actually, while writing this post, I realized we don’t have any wooden paddles. Honestly, I don’t think I want one of those. They look like they can hurt much more than the leather ones. And then again I think: maybe that’s just the reason why I might like it.

But for now I will concentrate on the vampire paddle and the beautiful, bloody effect it can have on my behind…

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9 thoughts on “Paddle Me

  1. I love the look of vampire paddles, we haven’t quite progressed onto pointy things that will break my skin. Having said that, I can see myself buying a Sir some vampire gloves very soon.

  2. Yikes! A vampire paddle?!? You and Molly and your love of having sharp stingy things pounded into your flesh – eeek! (grin)

  3. You can get vampire paddles? In Australia? Right, that’s it – I’m making sure I have one for the next time I visit m’Lady in Melbourne…

    xx Dee

    1. I wish I have saved the link, Dee. But yes indeed, it was a shop in Australia and with shipping costs and the import costs over here the cost for it would’ve been absurd, so I didn’t save the link. But yes, you can get them in Australia.

      Rebel xox

  4. Hi Rebel …. I can’t recommend highly enough seeking out an authentic pair of ‘butter pats’ …. I regularly punish sally with one & she rates the Ouch factor on a par with the cane. The lighter ones are especially effective when fast, hard strokes are administered !!! EBay will have them for sure !!

    MarQe x

  5. You are THE Most Sexual Woman I Read and View ( on Your Blog)! Vampire Gloves or Paddles are Tough on anyones’ Behind! I am in AWE! Great Article! Thank You!

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