One Night Stands

onenightstandHave you ever had a one night stand?

I read about a one night stand on Twitter the other day and it took me on a trip down memory lane. My last one night stand happened just after I met Master T, but technically that cannot be seen as a one night stand anymore. You see, the last one night stand I had was actually the second one night stand with the same (married) man. About 5 years ago we came in contact with him again and we’ve engaged in some sexual encounters. Back then he was someone whom I had met on the Internet. He wanted sex, I wanted sex, so we hooked up in a hotel and had sex. No strings attached.

In my opinion that’s the nice thing about one night stands – the fact that there are no strings attached, no emotional involvement. Just sex. But then again, me being more of an emotional person than a rational one, I always had some kind of feelings for the person I had sex with, and sometimes I was deeply disappointed that I never saw them again. Hence the reason that I only had a handful of one night stands. Before I carry on I have to clarify something: even though the term is ‘one night stands’, I don’t feel one-time sexual encounters with no strings attached should always happen at night. Sometimes a ‘one night stand’ can happen during daytime too.

I looked at the list of names I have of men I had sex with in my life, and I counted only five one night stands. There was the soldier I fucked during my basic training. Technically it wasn’t night when we fucked each other, but it happened only once and never again. Then there was the major whom I fucked during a party at our commanders house. Damn, that was one hot encounter, but with him being 20 years my senior he stopped me long before either of us could reach a climax, telling me I was killing him. Talk about a way to end a hot encounter!

My third one night stand… I will leave that one for last.

The fourth one happened in broad daylight too, but was also a one time sexual encounter with no strings attached. It happened in the steam cabin of a wellness resort and damn, it was hot. Not the steam, but the sex and the fact that we could have been caught any moment when someone walked in. But no one walked in and we both climaxed and had broad smiles on our faces for the rest of the day, fondling and teasing each other. The last one night stand I had was with another man whom I met on the Internet. He traveled to Europe from South America and we met. We spent the afternoon in his hotel room, playing and having sex, and when I left the hotel, I knew I would never see him again.

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I almost forgot… I was going to tell you about my third one night stand. That was one night. A night full of passion and sex. A night I knew would never happen again. With a man I knew I would never see again. I cannot just tell the story here. It needs a post all on its own…

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2 thoughts on “One Night Stands

  1. Oh you’ve left me hanging for that Third 1-nighter now!
    Can’t wait!!!
    Xxx – K

    P.s. Loved the imagery of the soldier and the major . . . I’ve always fancied a man in uniform!

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