The Office Affair


I have once written about an affair at the office. It wasn’t a fantasy, however, it really happened back in my days when I was in uniform. Reading that again now, I cannot remember why I decided to write it as if it was a fantasy instead of something that had really happened.

That was not the only time I had an office affair. I had another many years later. The first one was all about lust and sex and once we had sex, it was over quickly. Even the flirting. With the second one there was a lot more feelings involved. I worked in the office of a small production company and he worked in the workshop. The men from the workshop frequently came into the office and from the first time I saw him, I had a soft spot for him. Maybe it was his friendly nature or his easy talking. Soon he was all I could think about. I didn’t work every day of the week, but I started really looking forward to my working days. Each time I saw him at the coffee machine, I stood up to get myself some coffee too. We lingered at the coffee machine, thinking no one else noticed, but they did.

We started meeting outside the office too. We met near a graveyard, in a park, at a restaurant on the other side of town and eventually we met each other at his sister’s place. We never arrived at the same time and we never left together. We made sure we met at places where no one who knew us could see us. You see, there was but one ‘problem’ with our affair – he was married. Officially I was too, but I was waiting for my divorce to come through.

His sister and I became friends. I saw her frequently, whether he was there or not. We went to the gym together, went out together, spent nights together. Not sexually though. We were just friends, except for one time when we were together in the sauna. He wasn’t always there when I was with his sister, but sometimes he managed to get away from home and then he spent the night at his sister’s place, and so did I. Sometimes the reason he got away from home was because he had a fight with his wife. I knew this, but we didn’t speak about it a lot. There was a time when he started visiting me at my place, but he never stayed over. When we slept together, we did so at his sister’s house.

About three months into the affair I started getting bored. I still liked spending time with him, but the excitement was gone. I was not feeling ‘in love’ anymore. Some of his manners started irritating me, or rather, the lack of. But, we continued the affair. It was still exciting at work to be the only ones who knew about it, to meet at the coffee machine and ‘accidentally’ bump into each other or touch each other’s hand. One day we stood there, shoulder to shoulder, when he whispered: “I am leaving my wife.”

That was the only words I needed to snap back to reality.

We were going to meet each other that afternoon after work, but I came up with an excuse why I had to go home. It was a Friday and I refused to talk to him during the weekend too. I needed to think. I didn’t want him. I enjoyed fooling around with him, but I didn’t want to be attached to him. I didn’t want him to leave his wife for me because there was no future for us. The affair was fun, but it was over. There was someone else I wanted in my life more: Master T. Because you see, by then He was very much a part of my life.

So yes, I had office affairs – two of them. They were fun, they were exciting, but both of them were without a future. Which of course doesn’t mean that office affairs could never have a future…

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