Let me introduce myself…

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This is me… handsome ‘ey?

Hi readers of Rebel’s Notes,

I am Skeleton Man.

The Skeleton Man.

But… you can call me Skelly.

Let me tell you a bit about myself. I might look like just a stupid little puppet, but I am much more than that. Rebel failed to notice this, that day she bought me in the shop. I was hanging there amongst my friends, watching the customers as they walked in and out of the shop. I saw her the moment she entered. Rebel was the one I have been waiting for and I think she felt the attraction too. She stood in front of the rack where I was hanging and looked at the faces of me and my friends. She reached up, removed two of my friends that were hanging in front of me, reached for me and put me in her shopping basket. I made a huge effort to keep my face straight, not to show the smugness that filled me.

She was in for a trip, that Rebel! She just didn’t know it yet.

Skelly waiting in the store
Waiting for Rebel in the store

Like I said, I was waiting for her. When she bought me, Rebel thought I was only good for a couple of Halloween photos and then she would put me in the chest with all the other photo props. I heard her say this to her husband, Master T. But, he and I were a team from the very first moment. He noticed that streak of dominance in me while he made photos of me pressing against Rebel’s pussy and looking at the camera with my expression saying: now I have you where I want you.
That pussy was so close to me. I wanted to put my face between those lips and taste her. Those soft pubic hair under my hand… the smell of her excitement while she watched her husband as he made the photos. Delicious!

But, I’m digressing. I tend to do that a lot.
Let me get back to my story and how I ended up here on Rebel’s website…

After they had made the photos, Rebel was still ignorant about the fact that I would become a big part of her life. She put me on the dresser in their bedroom and I’m sure she was planning to put me away with the other props the next day or so. It was only when a fellow blogger mentioned that she should give me my own space on her website that she noticed that I have a personality of my own. That’s when she started taking me with her when they had sex(y) encounters.

So here I am. Watch this space, as this is where I will be telling you about the fun and exciting trips I take with Rebel and her husband. And just so you know: there will be photos too!

Thanks for reading me!

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