A Grave Flash

When Molly asked me whether she could suggest a prompt for Wicked Wednesday, of course I said yes. And when I saw what the prompt is she suggested, I knew exactly what I wanted to do for this prompt, but I needed to find the right time and opportunity to do so. Then, I forgot about it, until two days before the prompt was about to appear. Master T and I discussed it and decided that Sunday would be the best day to execute our plan.

Saturday was a glorious sunny day. Cold, but the weather was perfect. We went about our normal routine of starting the day at a slow pace, doing the laundry in between, going out for grocery shopping halfway during the afternoon and then going to our hangout for a drink and a chat with the other regulars. Sunday morning we woke up to a gloomy, rainy day and both of us instantly knew: we should have done it on Saturday. We also knew we couldn’t postpone our plans to the next weekend as I needed the photo for today, only 3 days later. The rain just didn’t stop. Halfway through the afternoon we decided to just do it. We drove around for a while, hoping the rain would stop but it didn’t.

Master T parked the car at the cemetery and we walked about 300 meters to the graves. No one was around. Not that it was a surprise not to find anyone over there, because who else would be as silly as we were to visit a cemetery in the pouring rain. Okay, it wasn’t pouring rain, but it wasn’t exactly a drizzle either. We found the spot, Master T checked it through the camera lens and said “yes” which was my cue to flash my tits.

Three quick snaps of the camera and we were done. And just as we passed the little chapel at the beginning of the graves site, a mother and her daughter came walking towards us. Somehow that gave an extra thrill for having managed this scavenger hunt: graveyard/cemetery!

Graveyard scavenger hunt
This must have been the coldest scavenger hunt I have done up to now!
(click to enlarge)

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Wicked Wednesday

Have you done a Scavenger Hunt yet? Come on, it’s fun and you can earn your own badges. Otherwise you can just follow the links and see other locations from other participants.

This is my 39th Scavenger Hunt location.


6 thoughts on “A Grave Flash

  1. Well done for getting this somewhat difficult scavenger hunt – it’s all about timing with this one, I think. I hope you didn’t get too cold!

    xx Dee

  2. LOVE it!
    The rain adds that hint of sadness for the cemetery look.
    It’s a great shot.

    A man’s wife flashing him for one last time as she says goodbye to him. That’s what I thought of when I looked at the picture.

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