Combing Skin

 Remember last week I showed you the new onion comb that we have bought, specifically for Master T’s bag of toys?

After we were done with the photos, Master T pinched my nipple and I rolled over on my side, away from Him. He instantly saw an opportunity for more photos, and more. Soon I experienced the touch of the onion comb on my skin. Hard. Deliberate. Meant to hurt. I think it didn’t even take five minutes for Him to reach the results below.

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I have the feeling this comb will be used frequently, and somehow I don’t mind. Even though after what happened above, it hurt when I sat down, it hurt when I turned over in bed at night and it hurt like a bitch when the hot water ran over my bum when I took a shower the next day. But, I dropped my pants in front of the mirror and could not help but smile when I saw the bright red marks He had left when combing my skin.

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