Combing Skin

 Remember last week I showed you the new onion comb that we have bought, specifically for Master T’s bag of toys?

After we were done with the photos, Master T pinched my nipple and I rolled over on my side, away from Him. He instantly saw an opportunity for more photos, and more. Soon I experienced the touch of the onion comb on my skin. Hard. Deliberate. Meant to hurt. I think it didn’t even take five minutes for Him to reach the results below.

I have the feeling this comb will be used frequently, and somehow I don’t mind. Even though after what happened above, it hurt when I sat down, it hurt when I turned over in bed at night and it hurt like a bitch when the hot water ran over my bum when I took a shower the next day. But, I dropped my pants in front of the mirror and could not help but smile when I saw the bright red marks He had left when combing my skin.

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15 thoughts on “Combing Skin

  1. Thanks all for your comments. It’s two weeks later and I still feel the broken skin on my bottom. Delicious!

  2. After your last post about it I went to my kitchen and brought my onion holder upstairs to the bedside table. We’ve not used it yet but I’m sure we will. Thank you for the delightful idea and for sharing your beautiful marks.


  3. Your last pictures left me wondering exactly what other uses that comb would be put to. I love this! The marks that it made are crazy hot! I’ve REALLY got to get one now that I’ve seen these!

  4. Oh wow, I want one of those!! I can imagine just how much that hurt, maybe moreso the after effects than the initial making of the marks. What a fabulous way to pervert an ordinary day to day item 😀


  5. Yikes! Left some nice red marks on you beautiful bum. Glad you enjoyed it. Master T could make some beautiful designes on your body with that toy!

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