Bow Grip

I tied a bow in my pubs now that it’s still possible…

Tine blue bow tied in my pubes
Just look at the grip the bow has
(click to enlarge)

© Rebel’s Notes

10 thoughts on “Bow Grip

  1. my hairs dont get that long
    but now you have me wanting to visit and see if i can braid yours in small tresses and add lil jewelry
    i get oddly motivated sometimes lol

  2. Loved seeing your pussy in a nice blue ribbon. As a matter of fact I love seeing your pussy anyway you like to show it.

    Hmm I sure would like to open that bow, and taste you 🙂

  3. Adorable, Marie! I have let mine grow out lately (out of laziness, lol) and W decided to give them a little “pull” the other morning. Heh.

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