Book review: Quarter Past Midnight by C.J. Asher

Book cover of Quarter Past Midnight
Book cover

The book
I have been approached by the author to read and review his book. I received the book in a PDF format, including the front and back covers. The front cover shows part of a champagne glass and legs with white stockings ‘floating’ out of the glass. The front and back covers are black with white letters on it. The back cover gives a short description of the book.

The author
The back of the book has no information on the author, but there is a website mentioned and when you go there, you find more information about C.J. Asher. He is a blogger on various subjects such as prostitution, women’s right, sex trafficking and LGBT issues and Quarter Past Midnight is his debut novel.
If you want to read more that has been written by C.J. Asher, you can visit his website (

The main characters
To me the main characters in this book are Kate, Gretchen, Dylan and Vixen. Kate is out of a job but since she needs money, she works at a strip club. There she gets to know Vixen, a fellow stripper and Dylan, a customer. Through the strip club Kate gets in touch with Gretchen, where she starts another parttime job, but earns a lot more in one week than she earns at the strip club.

The story
The back cover of the book describes what you can expect to find in the book:

All she wanted was a fresh start…

For Kate Ariel, taking a job as a dancer at Silhouettes, Philadelphia’s hottest gentlemen’s club, was only supposed to be a temporary fix to pay the bills and escape her painful past. As the days, suited up for job interviews, and the nights, spent working the pole, nearly push her to the breaking point, Kate receives an opportunity to work as personal assistant to Gretchen Lambert, a hard-drinking and eccentric former socialite who runs a high-end lingerie shop from her home.

It doesn’t take long, however, for Kate to learn the shocking truth about Gretchen’s business: that her lingerie shop is merely a front for the area’s most elite escort service; one that caters to the extravagant erotic fantasies of its wealthy and powerful clients. Introduced to a world of wild sexual desires beyond anything she had ever imagined, Kate quickly becomes torn between the allure of the money she so desperately needs and the risks associated with Gretchen’s affairs.

Only making things more complicated are her attraction to Dylan Cole, the handsome young Silhouettes patron who has recently caught her eye, and her friendship with Vixen, the brash, wild dancer who quickly becomes both mentor and thorn in Kate’s side. When an unexpected tragedy pushes Kate even deeper into Gretchen’s world, she must quickly decide whether to walk away from her new life or to embrace it.

But just how far will Kate be willing to go before Gretchen’s lifestyle consumes her past the point of no return?

My opinion
I like the easy writing style of C.J. Asher, but there were places in the book thought where I felt that some of the descriptions could have been left out. They do not negatively influence the story, though, but sometimes slow down the pace. I would have liked to see more sparks in the relationship between Dylan and Kate. The longing for each other and the deliberately steering clear of each other don’t come forward clearly enough. What I did like is the twist towards the end, where I thought Vixen was going to end up with Dylan because of Kate’s indecision.

I do like the way that Kate gets into the business, the dilemmas she gets into, the difficult decisions she has to make. The story is believable and not all fantasy.





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