Alice’s Wonderland


Alice tried to remember who had given her the key. The old, bronze key with its elegant arches could have been a piece of art instead of a functional object as it lay there in the palm of her hand. The beauty of the key, however, wasn’t part of Alice’s thoughts. Nagging thoughts not forming fully left her with the feeling that she had to be somewhere. Instinct told her that the place she had to be had something to do with the key.

Frustrated she trapped the key between the palms of her hands. She bowed her head, her elbows resting on the table top. Anyone who walked in might have thought Alice was praying, except for the fact that she wasn’t there anymore…

Alice’s skirts swished around her legs as she walked down the street towards the heavy wooden door in the brick fence. She looked over her shoulder but no one showed any particular interest in her. Alice smiled inwardly. Obviously no one would show any interest. It was her guilty conscience that had her nervously glancing over her shoulder. She reached the brown door and pushed her right hand deep into the pocket of her skirt, retrieving an beautiful bronze key which she pushed into the keyhole before turning it clockwise in two full circles. Adrenaline washed through her body as she pushed the heavy door shut behind her and locked it again. Alice breathed in and out a couple of times and then walked to the front door of the house.

Five minutes later she was in the studio where he waited for her. He paid her little attention as she walked to the couch in the corner. She started on the laborious task of removing her corset. The loose white blouse followed, exposing her firm, naked breasts. Her nipples betrayed her excitement. One by one Alice took the four long skirts off, revealing the garter belt and stockings underneath. She stole a quick glance at where he sat behind the easel before she walked to the spot in the middle of the floor, turned her back on him and resumed the same pose as the last time: her legs spread slightly, her hands on her hips and her head thrown back. Alice felt the ribbons of her hat tickling her bottom and at the same time she felt the wetness increase between her uncovered labia.

Only ten minutes after she had unlocked the door she heard the first sound of a pencil on paper.

Alice lost track of time. Even though the heels on the shoes she wore wasn’t high, her feet started aching. She paid no attention to it. Anticipation had her nipples harder than before, her cunt waiting for her labia to part so it could release its juices. Modeling for him was good, but the best was yet to come. This part she was familiar with; the rest always came as a surprise.

Silence filled the room. No more sound of the pencil on the drawing paper. Would he start again? Alice flinched only slightly when he pushed her towards the couch; made her bend over.
“Back straight,” was the first, and probably the only words he spoke to her.
Alice concentrated on keeping her back straight, supporting herself on the wooden backrest of the couch. Something cold touched her back. He pushed his foot between hers. She spread her legs and sighed as his fingers touched her lips and her horny wetness escaped. He spread her lips with his fingers and kept still.

The sound of pencil on paper resumed.

Minutes later it stopped.

Alice pushed back, opening up for him when his cock pressed against her opening. He filled her slowly, pushed in, pulled out and pushed in again. In and out. In and out. In and stopped.

Pencil on paper.


Holding his cock still inside her, he pushed his thumb against her other opening. Alice tensed, but only for a couple of seconds. Her nipples hardened. She wanted this. His thumb pushed in when she relaxed her muscles. He pulled his cock out until only the tip remained inside. He wiggled his thumb inside Alice, making her moan as little electric currents ran through her pussy.

Again she heard pencil on paper and again it was quiet only minutes later.

He pulled his cock from her cunt. Alice tensed again when the head of his cock touched the same spot where he had just removed his thumb. He waited. Alice relaxed some. He pushed and waited. Pushed some more and waited again. Alice grunted as his cock opened her up. She wanted to reach between her legs, but instead concentrated on keeping her back straight so not to let the drawing pad slip off. Halfway inside her he stopped and the sound of pencil on paper started again. It stopped at the same time as the drawing pad was removed from her back. His hands gripped her hips and he pushed in further. Alice moved her hand to her clit, while he pounded into her, fucking her ass tot he point where she knew it would hurt for days. She climaxed twice before he emptied his balls inside her.

He left the studio and four hours after she had entered the house, Alice left again. On the table next to the front door was a envelop with her name. She pushed it into her skirt pocket and left through the same heavy door that she had entered hours earlier.

“Mom, what’s wrong?”
“Nothing baby, why?” Alice asked her daughter.
“Oh, I just thought you were unwell, sitting like that.”
Alice looked at her palms pressed together and smiled.
“Nothing’s wrong, sweetheart, I was just caught up in my own thoughts,” Alice said as she turned on her chair to got up. The pain between her buttocks made her wince, but at the same time it filled her with happiness. If only they knew…

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Wicked Wednesday

This post was written for the discontinued meme A Darker Flame, with the prompt: Back in time

A Darker Flame

9 thoughts on “Alice’s Wonderland

  1. I love the artist part of this image and the reference to the sound of pencil on paper all the way through…. and I LOVED the ending.


  2. A marvelous story.
    Have you read “Just Watch Me,” edited by Violet Blue? That’s the name of the story that this reminds me of and the name of the book. Cate Robertson writes it and it is about a woman posing for an artist while increasingly being turned on.

    1. I have not read “Just Watch Me” but you have made me curious now. This story just flowed from my fingers and happened to tie in with A Darker Flame too. Thanks for the tip. I will look for the book 🙂

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