Alchemy xii by Tamsin Flowers

AlchemyNYEI have been approached by the author with the question to review the prologue of her unique new Alchemy xii series. In Tamsin’s own words:

This is a 12 part series that will release a novella-length episode on the 1st of each month throughout next year – making it totally different to any other erotica series out there.

Alchemy xii is a series of 12 episodes that will come available on the first of each month in 2015. Eventually you will be able to buy a quarterly omnibus or you can buy the full story at the end of the year. If you don’t want to buy the book(s), you can also subscribe and receive the monthly episode in your inbox as soon as available.

To read more about the Alchemy xii series you can visit the website where you can also read more about the author.

The prologue of Tamsin’s Alchemy xii series is called New Year’s Eve and I cannot say anything else but that it’s hot and it sucked me in from the very first word. I have read several pieces of erotica on Tamsin’s website and I love her way of writing, which make you part of the story, instead of only an onlooker. New Year’s Eve, the prologue to the Alchemy xii series, is no different. It keeps your attention from beginning to end. You want to know more about Harry and Olivia and you want to know whether Olivia takes up the challenge to be trained by Harry. I love how Tamsin writes about the actions, but doesn’t forget to mention the feelings and emotions. What I liked to find in the story too was the consent, but also the longing of both the main characters. Both of them are portrayed as real human beings, with their desires, their doubts, their different habits. Granted, in this prologue we learn more about Harry’s personality than that of Olivia, but I am sure as the story progresses in the next 12 months, we will get to know Olivia better and get quite fond of her.

I will leave you with the blurb of Alchemy xii, saying once again: This story is hot and sexy and will capture your attention from beginning to end!

Alchemy xii – New Year’s Eve
Tamsin Flowers

No one could ever accuse Harry Lomax of being a Dom’s Dom. Sometimes he even forgets to make his submissives call him “Sir”. But he is the charismatic Prince of Kink at Chicago’s most secretive and exclusive sex club, where he runs Alchemy xii, the club’s prestigious year-long training program for would-be subs.

When Harry spots Olivia Roux across a crowded floor, he’s under no illusions as to what she is and what she isn’t. A blond, Amazonian goddess, Olivia’s no ingénue. She’s a woman of the world whom he suspects might have a thing for kink, if only she realized it. One thing is for certain—Olivia is nobody’s bitch.

Harry knows that he wants her. For his Alchemy xii training program, that’s for sure. But for himself? Harry will try anything once—and Olivia’s a woman who’s got his name written all over her!

Alchemy xii
1 Year : 12 Episodes
Olivia has no intention of becoming anybody’s sub but she’s intrigued enough by Harry Lomax to join the Alchemy training program. Before they begin, Harry gives Olivia a diary.

“It’s for you to write down exactly what happens at Alchemy. And, more importantly, your feelings about what you’re going through. Things that were good and things that upset you or scared you or that you didn’t like. No one else will read it but you…” said Harry.

For one weekend a month over the course of the coming year, Olivia must report to Alchemy and follow Harry’s every instruction. By the end of the year, if she’s deemed an exceptional sub, she might be offered a permanent position in the club. If she’s not, she’ll probably never see Harry again. But Olivia is a woman who finds it tough to call anyone “Sir”…

This new monthly serial from Tamsin Flowers kicks off with Harry’s recruitment of Olivia to Alchemy xii and then follows the course of Olivia’s year as she writes about each of her monthly encounters with Harry in her diary. Can she bend her will sufficiently to comply with Harry’s demands? And for how long can she view Harry simply as her teacher? Has she got what it takes to make it to the end of the year?

How Alchemy xii works
Alchemy xii – New Year’s Eve, the prologue to Olivia’s story, will be officially published, free of charge, on December 31. (However, to ensure a free price match from Amazon, it is already widely available.)
Alchemy xii – January will go on sale on January 1, 2015, and thereafter a novelette-length episode will be published on the first of every month until December.
Each quarter, the previous three monthly episodes will be made available in a Quarterly Omnibus and at the end of the year, readers will be able to buy Alchemy xii – The Complete Year, a monster volume containing the prologue and all 12 episodes together.



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    Thanks you so much for taking the time to read and review the first episode of Alchemy xii. It’s always thrilling to hear that someone has enjoyed something one’s written – it’s really what makes it all worthwhile. And thank you so much for passing that on with this post!

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