Sunday Horniness Continued

Not only was our entire day filled with anticipation, the evening was no different. Master T wanted me to edge three times every 15 minutes, starting at 8.30pm until 9.45pm. In the meantime He was sending me DM’s on Twitter, in which He wanted to know whether I was horny and what I wanted Him to do to me.

After the last time I edged, we went upstairs. There was something in the air between us. Electricity. Vibes. Call it what you want, but the air was pregnant with what was to follow. Master T made remarks about what I wrote Him in DM, but beforehand I never know if that is exactly what would happen.

I was in bed, lying naked on the covers, when Master T joined me. He lay down next to me and unceremoniously shoved two fingers into my cunt. I almost climaxed instantly by being filled so quick and hard. My orgasm built quickly, and I knew it was because of the edging earlier on. I asked for permission to climax. It was denied. Over and over He brought me to the edge and refused me my orgasm.
“Once you pull and pinch your nipples,” He said, “I might allow you to cum.”
My hands were on my nipples in no time.
“I want to see you hurt yourself,” He said and I pinched harder.
“Pull those nipples. Stretch those tits,” He demanded and I complied.
All the time his fingers moved in and out of me or rubbed over my clitoris and the next time I asked for permission to climax, He granted it.

This was the theme He followed. He kept on fingering me and denying me orgasms until He was satisfied with how hard I pinched my nipples, how much I stretched my breasts. Only then He allowed me have an orgasm.
“Who do you belong to?” He asked as His fingers rammed into me.
“To you, Mijnheer.”
It was clear that something has changed. Ever since I injured my foot and had a small mental meltdown, our D/s had been on a back burner. It was there still, but we did little about it. I needed to heal first. Master T had decided that it was enough. His question and the earlier DM’s were a clear sign of this. It made me smile, but at the same time I was nervous too. Afraid even. I wanted to get back in the right mindset, but I needed help. I was nervous because I know how strict Master T could be.

My nipples were tender and hurting by the time He told me I could stop pinching them. Totally unexpectedly He moved his hand down and pushed two fingers into my ass. I moaned and spread my legs some more. It has been months since I had felt His fingers there inside me there. My hand moved to my clitoris. I asked for permission to touch it and it was granted.
“How many fingers?” I asked Him and at that moment He pushed a fourth finger in with the rest. It hurt like hell but at the same time it was so incredibly good. My orgasm washed through my body and left me totally spent. Master T didn’t want to fuck me afterwards. He told me to go to sleep and I was thankful for this, for Him knowing me so well that He had seen how tired I was.

The next day I had frequent reminders of the way He had abused my ass, but I knew it was my own doing as that was exactly what I told Him in DM: I am thinking of you abusing my ass, Mijnheer.

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Horniness Continued

  1. Dayum, girl. This is so hot, so clear. Does that even make sense? There’s such a strong connection there. It’s sexy as fuck 🙂

  2. Edging – kind of fun. Orgasms – always fun, even the painful ones. Getting what you asked for? Priceless! 🙂

    Made me wonder if you’d be careful what you asked for in the future…then I thought, Probably not. LOL

  3. I’m so glad you guys are getting back to the dynamic, though I understand your conflicting feelings on the matter. A day of anticipation for me is what makes the subsequent session so much more…well, everything. I love days like this, relish them, and yet it’s not realistic to happen often.
    Hot read.

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