Strict Leather Premium Locking Collar

I am a sucker for Bondage and Slave Collars and when I was offered the opportunity to review the Strict Leather Premium Locking Collar, I jumped at the opportunity. As always once I have ordered the item, I received it less than a week later.

Packaging & Contents
The collar was packed in a clear plastic bag. The collar was flat inside the plastic bag and when I took it out, I could smell the leather. It was still surly and stiff but from experience I knew the leather will soften and form to my neck.

Shape ‘n Size & Material
The collar has three layers of leather and three D-ring tie down points. The first two layers are quite thick, the third (outer) layer is thinner. The inner layer has a leather grain on the inside and outside, but the other two layers have a smooth surface. The collar is 5.75cm high (wide) and feels soft against the skin. In total it is 61cm long and has 9 holes to adjust it to the right length around the neck. The collar can be used with or without a padlock. The collar weighs 240 grams.

The D rings on the collar
The D rings on the collar
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My experience with the product
When we first ‘inspected’ the collar, I bent it and moved it around to make it a bit more supple. This was only for the bending part of it. Master T put it around my neck and I immediately felt that this was the broadest collar I had a round my neck until now. I could not look down, could not bend my neck backwards or sideways. I could move my head some, but the collar more or less fixated my neck in place. It works like a posture collar. Even though this collar is wide and it limits the movement of my head, I didn’t find it uncomfortable at all.

The D-rings on the collar offer some interesting options for ropes and chains to be attached to it. You can either be lead around with something attached to it or tied to hooks in the wall or ceiling.

My opinion of the product
I am very impressed with this collar. When I had it around my neck for some length of time, I was constantly aware of it, which is something I like. It reminded me of my place. It also kept my head up, but since I am not allowed to look at my Husband when wearing a collar (except for my day collar and sleep collar), I had to lower my eyes as I could not lower my head. Just like the fact that the collar reminded me of my place,not being able to lower my head but only my eyes intensified my feelings of that moment.

This collar will be used frequently and I am sure with time it will get softer, but with the three layers of leather, I’m sure it will always feel like a posture collar. A ‘strict’ collar for sure.


Where to buy?
The Strict Leather Premium Locking Collar can be bought from Uberkinky.

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