Sex Flash

In November we had a date with two great women. Not for sex, but to visit a sex wholesaler and then dinner afterwards. I wanted to do a scavenger hunt photo inside the sex shop, but I had no idea whether it would be possible and what would happen if we were seen. The people working there were so very friendly. They offered us something to drink and we were allowed to look around and stay just as long as we wanted to. We wandered to the back of the store where they keep the shoes and some sex toys and fucking machines, and just as the two ladies left the back room, we decided to take our chance.

One of the corners in the back room of the sex shop
One of the corners in the back room of the sex shop
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I quickly pulled up my dress and flashed my bum and Master T quickly made the photos. They’re not high quality, but this is a scavenger hunt. It was only after these photos were taken and when we were back in the front of the shop that the one woman told us a couple of anecdotes of things clients wanted to do in the store. Then I realized that it was a good thing that we were not seen taking those naked bum photos, because the older lady was really not into things like that happening in her store!

Flashing my bum inside the sex shop
Flashing my bum inside the sex shop
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No matter what the lady thought about it or would have thought if she had seen what we had done, I have my sex shop Scavenger hunt photo in the pocket!


One thought on “Sex Flash

  1. *grins* These photos made me smile – you look like you’re having fun (and I’m glad you weren’t spotted!).

    xx Dee

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