Rebel’s Top 20 of ’14

Last year I did a Top 20 blog list for the first time. I have thought long and hard about doing it again this year. Some comments I received last year made me feel uncomfortable, but since most of the comments were positive, I have finally decided to go ahead with my list.
I am always proud to see my name on a list, thankful for the recognition and I want to give something back to the sex blogging community and do the same for others.

One of my biggest fears when I publish this list is that there are people who will feel left out. There are so many great blog(gers) out there and so many I still want to read, but unfortunately I just don’t have the time to read (let alone comment) on all of them. I do read an awful lot though, so much so that I came up with a much longer list. It was incredibly difficult to shorten it to 20 blogs.

Some people who were on my list last year are not on the list below. Some of them have stopped blogging, others are blogging a lot less. I still love each and every blog that I had on my list of last year, but, my list of last year is just that: my list of last year.

In alphabetical order, this is my list for 2014:

A Dissolute life means
I have been reading Hyacinth’s blog for a couple of months now and love her open and honest writing style. There’s still a lot on her blog I want to read, and I suggest you do too.

A Sexual Being
I still thoroughly enjoy Kayla’s posts, especially those about her submission. But, what I enjoy too and have participated in a couple of times (and will do so more net year) is Masturbation Monday, a meme Kayla has started.

A to sub Bee
The one thing that really pulls me to Sub Bee’s site are her photos. They are always beautiful, no matter what the subject or where they have been taken. In her words she frequently share about her life where she is submissive to her husband.

Behind the Chintz Curtain
Her delicate photos, her beautiful and sexy writing, her clear and honest opinions… those are the things I keep on finding on Jane’s blog and which I have been enjoying for such a long time, and want to enjoy even more in future.

Cammies on the floor
From the moment I have found this blog I have been intrigued by the experiences these two sisters have. One is married, one is not, but both of them have wonderful sexual experiences. I love that sisters can be this open towards each other.

Curvaceous Dee
Ever since I first discovered Dee’s blog and saw her photos, I was amazed by it. Her smile – Dee’s wonderful smile – it draws me in every time and puts a smile on my face. Her photos are always full of fun and sexiness and her words tell more about all the sexy things she does. Dee is also the host of the exciting and sexy Scavenger hunt.

F Dot Leonora
I met this beautiful lady at Eroticon 2014 and started following her blog after that. She started a story when she first joined Wicked Wednesday and she’s still writing it. She’s creative and definitely has a way with words that appeals to me and many others.

Katie Laid Bare
From the moment I start following Katie’s blog I loved the way she writes – open and to the point. Her sexual adventures are hot and her photos even more so!

Kink and Poly
I have been following Jade’s blog for years now and love how openly she writes about her relationship with W and Ad, the two men in her life. Her experiences are hot and sexy and reading about her life between her sexual experiences, make her a real person. Her sexy meme Kink of the week frequently prompts me to write about subjects I would otherwise not have written about.

Modesty Ablaze
This blog is filled with words and photos of sexy encounters, from sex with her husband and others to Modesty’s scavenger hunts. I hope to one day have the guts to show my face on my blog, just as Modesty does.

Molly’s Daily Kiss
Molly must be my twin from another mother. There are so many things that we think about in the same way, so many times she reads something of me she feels she could have written or vice versa. I admire Molly for her work in the sex blogging community, her positivity and the way she tackles difficult subjects.

Open for him
I have discovered this blog a couple of months ago and have read it with great pleasure ever since. The author is a submissive wife and she writes about her experiences and her sexual fantasies in a relaxed and ‘easy-to-read’ manner.

Penny’s Dirty Thoughts
The one thing that keeps on drawing me back to Penny’s blog is her photos. Each and every photo she puts on her blog is a piece of art. But it’s not only her photos that are good, as Penny’s writing, whether fact or fiction, is definitely worth reading too!

Remittance Girl
I have a soft spot for this author. Remittance Girl’s writing is just brilliant, whether fiction or fact or opinion pieces. If you want to be challenged, please go and read her words. One thing we all should remember about words, is this piece I quote from RG’s site:

Words are worlds. They carry a different message to each of us. And so the story I wrote is not the one you read. In reading it, the story becomes yours. Draped in all the things you brought with you when you stepped onto the page and began to read.


Sex Blog (of Sorts)
The author of this blog is Charlie Powell. She writes about things in and out of the bedroom and has posted a couple of beautiful and delicate photos for Sinful Sunday. Her posts are not all about sex, but deal with different facets of her life. I hope to read a lot more of her in 2015 and see more of her lovely photos.

Stella Kiink
I have been following Stella’s writing back when she was still blogging under the name Couth Pisces and I still enjoy her writing and her photos. She’s a frequent player for both the Wicked Wednesday and Sinful Sunday memes and her blog is definitely worth a visit.

Stranded in Toronto
This sexy man – whom I had the privilege to meet at Eroticon 2014 and can’t wait to see again – has a way with words like no one else I know. He weaves sexiness and darkness together in hot stories. I’m a fan of Savannah and Fifi, but there’s not one story on Stranded’s site that’s not worth reading! Stranded is also the host of A Darker Flame, a meme where you mix erotic fiction with other genres in your writing.

The Lustful Literate
I have been reading this blog for more than a year now and sometime during 2014 Brigit Delaney ‘disappeared’ but I am delighted that she is back and writing her lovely stories again!

The Sin Doll
Like The Sin Doll says in her about me text – most of her erotic fiction is edgy and dark and that is exactly what I love about her stories. They are challenging and dark and very sexy! But, there’s photos too that you will very much enjoy, I am sure of that!

Understanding Flutterby
The author of this blog, Flip, writes in a way that touches me every time I read her posts. She writes about raw feelings, troubled thoughts and happy times. It’s clear that every word comes from her heart. She also posts photos and those are always sexy and tantalizing.

Please keep on doing what you do so I can keep on reading you in 2015!

For those I have mentioned above, if you want, you may display the badge below on your blogs. Just leave me a comment below and I will send you the button in email.



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22 thoughts on “Rebel’s Top 20 of ’14

  1. Thank you so much for including my blog on your list, Marie! Some great reads here, some I already know and follow, others I will enjoy exploring.

  2. Thank you so much, Marie! What an honor and a privilege! I can’t wait to tuck into some of the new blogs on here! And this will inspire me to keep writing the way I do. It’s always nice to get a pat on the back 🙂 So so so happy 🙂

  3. Marie, thank you so, so much. I can’t tell you how thrilled and flattered I am to be included in your list, especially considering the calibre of the company. I’m adding my kisses to Modesty’s – although mine are coming from below the equator rather than London! 🙂 Jane xxx

  4. Marie, thank you so much, I’m humbled, completely. If you could email me the button code I’ll very proudly display it on the blog xx

  5. Marie – Thank you so much. I’m really thrilled to be mentioned and included amongst such a comprehensive . . . and sexciting! . . . list.
    Lovely, big kisses from London!!!
    Xxx – K

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