Piercing Flash

Remember how I lost my piercing? Remember that I had to go to the piercing shop to have my horizontal clitoral hood piercing redone? And remember that I was lucky enough that they could just put a new piercing in the hole? But, that’s not all we did that afternoon. We wanted to make a Scavenger Hunt photo and we were going to ask the lady if we could make a photo. But then she left to get something from the back and in that time, Master T shot a couple of photos. There’s something about making the photos in such a sneaky way. It’s kind of… thrilling.


20141101-004wm piercing shop scavenger



I had my appointment at 2pm in the afternoon and you can see here, I was on time!

She called me about five minutes later, and less than five minutes after that, we reached our goal: piercing shop scavenger hunt:

20141101-002wm pussy piercing scavenger

As always, all photos are clickable.


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