‘The Look’

This ‘kink’ – The Look – has over time become a big part of our dynamic. I have written about it before, that Master T sometimes get that expression in His eyes that makes me melt. Or stop whatever I am doing. Or go on and challenge Him, to see how far I can push Him.

I cannot remember when I first noticed ‘The Look’. It might have been there from the beginning of our D/s relationship, but I know for sure I haven’t noticed it from the very beginning. Even though we have been married for years before we embarked on our D/s journey, we had to develop our D/s relationship. That is why Master T trained me in the beginning to be, like He said, His perfect submissive. It must have been during this training that I had seen ‘The Look’ for the first time and later learned to notice it wherever we were and whenever He gave me ‘The Look’.

However, I do want to classify Master T’s looks in two categories: those I see outside a session and those I see during a session. You see, outside a session can happen at any time, any place. We can be in our living room, standing across from each other and it will be like something flashes in his eyes. Result? ‘The Look’. Or we can sit in the pub, talking about any subject under the sun and I will suddenly see ‘The Look’. It’s just a specific way that He looks at me that is different from how He normally looks at me. When He looks at me like that, my knees go weak, my pussy twitches as if begging to be touched and my juices start flowing. Each and every time I see ‘The Look’ it has this effect on me.

Then there’s ‘The Look’ during a session. It’s very different from ‘The Look’ outside a session. Master T is stricter during a session. Where He might have a slight smile on His face when ‘The Look’ flashes across His face outside a session, He will never smile during a session. ‘The Look’ is much stricter too and many times I get it because I am complaining or not doing what He says. Mostly ‘The Look’ is quite calming. It makes me accept whatever happens, even when it hurts or I don’t really want to do it. When Master T gives me ‘The Look’ I instantly obey. I want to obey. There’s just something in His eyes that makes me do whatever He wants.

Do I have a preference for ‘The Look’ in or out of a session? No, not at all. Each give me different feelings. Out of session it excites me, makes me feel the intense love I have for my Husband, makes me feel the unbreakable bond between us, tells me just how lucky I am to have in my life what I do, and confirms to me that I am happy and content. In a session ‘The Look’ can change my mindset, makes me feel my submission much stronger. Like I said earlier, we had to learn from each other in the beginning. The very first time we played with another couple and Master T gave me that strict look, I was unsettled. I only got strict looks all through the evening and when we drove back home afterwards, we talked about it. Even though I had a lovely evening, I was feeling sad and a bit upset. I told Master T. Told Him that I didn’t mind His strictness; that in fact, I prefer it. But, that I needed it to be alternated with Him smiling to me, or touching me to let me know He’s not angry or upset with me. I needed His strictness – I needed ‘The Look’ – but I also needed His kindness, His love. He understood and from the next time it was different.

‘The Look’ will always be part of our dynamic and I would not want it any other way!

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  1. I like that Master T’s “look” and your awareness of it has grown out of your D/s dynamic’s growth, a natural part of the expression of his dominance – and your reaction a natural expression of your submission. It’s a beautiful thing to read about in a relationship.

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