The instructor (21)

In 2012 my dear and sexy male friend of many years co-wrote a story with me, called Katie & Steve. When I put the goal on my 101 list to co-write at least two more stories, he was the first I turned to and he was totally up for another, sexy story. I started the story; he ended it. We could not plan ahead, as you did not know what the other would write. The story has been sent to and fro numerous times as we added new pieces to it, but we continuously made sure that it made ONE story.

This friend of mine has featured in quite a couple of true stories on my blog and will do so more in future.

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womansoldierContinued from… The instructor (20)

From the crowd there was a murmur of overall approval for the sexual spectacle they were witnessing. As Zoe’s tongue began to explore Hannah’s cunt a man’s voice emerged from among the crowd.
“Slip two fingers inside her.”
Having heard the instruction, Hannah spread her thighs even wider and Zoe deftly slipped two fingers inside her friend. The result was immediate. Hannah screamed with delight as Zoe’s fingers penetrated her and immediately turned to form a come hither motion which ran directly across Hannah’s G-spot. The sensations raging through Hannah’s body were overwhelming. Behind her closed eyes there were flashes of light as the synapses in her brain all fired at once. She was unsure where exactly she was feeling pleasure. Certainly the core of the sensations were in her pussy but the rest of her body seemed to be burning with utter delight at the same time.

Hannah lost all sense of time and proportion. It was as if she had fallen into a cocoon of pleasure, every inch of her skin burned with sexual delight, every muscle strained with the need for release and every nerve burned with pleasure. Finally, when she felt sure that she would die from the force of the pleasure overwhelming her very being there was an explosion in her core. With Zoe’s tongue flicking at her clit and her fingers teasing her G-spot Hannah felt her pussy finally melt. It literally felt as if it had exploded into hot liquid. For the first time in her life Hannah squirted. Her pussy gushed a long hot stream of slick liquid as her body thrashed and bucked wildly. She could hear herself screaming with pleasure, but at the same time felt like she was hearing someone else screaming, like she had floated above her and Zoe and was watching herself cum like a wild thrashing animal. The hot squirting from her pussy gushed down Zoe’s chin and onto her breasts. Sticky and hot it clung to Zoe’s skin, but she did not stop pleasuring Hannah, she had received no instruction to stop, so she just continued.

It seemed like an age that Zoe continued to finger and lick Hannah, but after a moment Hanson stepped forward and laid a gentle hand of Zoe’s shoulder. She understood that this was the signal for her to stop, so she lifted her mouth from Hannah’s pussy and slipped her fingers out of Hannah’s sodden pussy. They came out with a slight pop. Hannah continued to wriggle and shake and moan as the orgasms continued to flutter through her.

Hanson reached down with his strong hands and lifted both women to their feet. Zoe was flushed and covered in a light sheen of sweat from the effort of making Hannah cum, but she stood steadily and proudly next to Hanson. Hannah on the other hand was still quivering and shaking from the intensity of her orgasm. Low moans still escaped her lips and she more leaned on Hanson than stood on her own.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” he announced, “as you can see my recruits are fully capable of carrying out instructions fully and to the letter. I therefore invite all of you to once again step forward and to use, instruct and abuse as you wish. The have the basics in place but now we need to train them for sexual combat, to stand the rigors or endless fucking, continuous orgasms and rivers of cum. They are your recruits now, train them well”.

Zoe could not believe her ears. She had thought that making Hannah cum like a squirting, gushing geyser would bring the evening to a close, but apparently there was to be more, a lot more.

For a moment she cast her mind back to David and the prissy, uptight and socially prim woman she had been when he had cheated on her. She has to smile to herself and wonder if he could ever have imagined her as a soldier, probably not. What she was sure he could not have imagined was what a total slut she could be, that she would be the kind of woman who would stand naked amidst 40 other strangers having just made her lesbian lover cum like a wild thing and be totally turned on by the prospect of being gang-banged for the second time that night. David could never have imagined that, and to be fair neither could she. Yet here she was, no longer a hapless recruit, but a veteran molded by her instructor and hardened by experience.

Her pussy was literally dripping in anticipation of the fucking she was about to receive and all she could do was…….. smile.

The End

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  1. One of the hottest stories I have read in quite awhile. I loved the interaction between the two women especially when that girl squirted. It brought back memories of my wife being fucked and used by another woman and cumming over and over again, and her first time squirting…..

      1. Oh it was my pleasure reading it all, and I plan on reading so much more here on one of the best blogs on sexuality that I have found.


  2. That was fantastic! Made my pussy twitch and my juices flow, now (at 4:00 am) I have to play with myself and wake my boyfriend up so he can play with me too! Love a story that makes me horny, thank you for a great one

  3. Awesome Story! Great Writing! Too Bad it had to End! Thank Both of You for a Great Trip! Maybe ZOE in another Situation?

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