The instructor (17)

In 2012 my dear and sexy male friend of many years co-wrote a story with me, called Katie & Steve. When I put the goal on my 101 list to co-write at least two more stories, he was the first I turned to and he was totally up for another, sexy story. I started the story; he ended it. We could not plan ahead, as you did not know what the other would write. The story has been sent to and fro numerous times as we added new pieces to it, but we continuously made sure that it made ONE story.

This friend of mine has featured in quite a couple of true stories on my blog and will do so more in future.

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womansoldierContinued from… The instructor (16)

Zoe slowly lowered herself on Hanson’s cock, leaning her back against his chest. Their legs were spread wide and Hannah was on her knees between them, licking Zoe’s pussy and sucking on her clitoris while Hanson slowly fucked her. Hanson pinched and twisted Zoe’s nipples. She tried to fight him but he was too strong. The more he hurt her, the more her orgasm built. But before she could climax, Hanson told Hannah to get on the desk again and spread her legs wide. He had too little room to fuck Zoe as hard as he wanted. Now Zoe was bent over the desk, her face between Hannah’s legs. Hanson slapped her ass hard and Zoe moaned into Hannah’s crotch. The slaps hurt on her bruised ass, but again she felt her nipples go harder and her juices escaping from between her legs. She almost bit Hannah’s clitoris when Hanson entered her hard and without any warning. He pushed into her at a steady and high pace. Watching the expressions on Hannah’s face, he knew that Zoe was doing her work well. He waited until Hannah climaxed and then pulled Zoe up again and at the same time he pulled his cock out of her. In one smooth movement he turned her around and pushed her to her knees.
“Finish me!” he ordered.

Zoe opened her mouth wide and started sucking and licking him. She controlled how far he entered her mouth by holding her hand on his shaft. Hanson grabbed her wrist and pushed her hand away. He grabbed the sides of her head and started fucking her mouth. His cock pressed against the back of her throat, making her gag but he paid no attention to it. He fucked her relentlessly and only pulled out of her mouth when he was about to climax. He grabbed his hard cock in his hand and pulled a couple of times until he spurted his cum in her face and hair. Part of it landed in her mouth and Zoe swallowed it. Cum dripped onto her breasts and the floor. She slowly licked her lips to clear off more of the cum as she looked up at Hanson.
“You, recruit… you are such a slut!”

Later that night Zoe lay in her bed going over the events of the evening in her mind. Her ass was still battered and bruised and her pussy still throbbed from the fucking Hanson had given her. She was still trying to figure out in her mind how she had gone from a mild mannered and totally “normal” girl a few weeks ago to an all out BDSM bi-slut when sleep finally overtook her.

Over the next few days Hanson ignored Zoe and Hannah almost completely. The training cycle involved a series of field exercise and sleeping rough in the bush so there was no opportunity for him to interact with either of them except in an official capacity. Because they were out among the other troops, Zoe and Hannah were also unable to be alone together. As the bruises on her ass faded to yellow Zoe felt the sexual tension within her rising day by day. The exercises involved a series of long marches and Zoe found that a way of passing the long hours of marching was to relive her recent adventures in her mind while walking. The only problem with this was that by the end of each march she was incredibly horny and finding a few moments of discreet personal time to play with herself for relief was difficult.

After 10 days of field exercises Zoe was exhausted but also horny. Their arrival back at the base camp was an opportunity to clean up and to rest and on the first night back Hannah came to find Zoe in the shower. She pinned her to the wall and kissed her with wild passion, her fingers explored Zoe’s body wildly and before long Zoe found herself cumming hard and fast. No sooner had she cum than Hannah pushed her to her knees and forced Zoe’s mouth between her thighs. Zoe licked and kissed Hannah’s pussy until she too came hard. It was apparent to both women that there was no real emotions in the encounter, it was simply a means of releasing days of pent up sexual tension.

The following morning after roll call Sergeant Hanson told Hannah and Zoe to remain behind in the barracks. When everyone was gone he walked over to them.
“Tonight,” he said, “you will both report to my office dressed in your ceremonial uniforms. Be there at 18h00. Carry on.”
For the rest of the day Zoe and Hannah worked on tactical maneuver problems and camouflage and concealment exercises. That evening they dressed in their ceremonial uniforms, shoes, skirts, uniform jackets and peak caps. At 18h00 they presented themselves to Hanson’s office.

To be continued… The instructor (18)

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