An evening out

 This photo was taken in the car on our way back home after an evening out with friends and before I started masturbating.

The wonderful evening had left me feeling excited and happy and Master T had noticed that in me. I thought about touching myself, but before I could even think about asking Him, He told me to masturbate. For most of the way home I masturbated and I climaxed between 10-15 times, the last climax happening about half a kilometer from our house and leaving me with trembling legs.

20141213-011wm pussy pubic hair stockings

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17 thoughts on “An evening out

  1. The textures in this are so compelling – the lovely lace tops of your stockings, the hem of your dress, the hair on your pussy … It makes it that much more sexy knowing where it was taken, too! Jane xxx

  2. This picture is amazing!!

    It sounds like the ride home was incredible and super thrilling.

    Hope to one day myself be asked to do this same exact thing.

    xxx Miss July xxx

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