2014: Rebel’s year in review (July – December)

RNYearInReviewContinued from: 2014: Rebel’s year in review (January – June)

I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas and are looking forward to the fireworks as much as I do for the moment we enter 2015!



Favorite posts of a fellow blogger
I touch myself by Chintz Curtain – I absolutely love how she mentioned the different books that made an impression and had an influence on her sexual self.

Favorite post of myself
Shame no more – each time I look at this post I am still proud that I have finally dared to put a full frontal photo of myself on my site, overweight or not.

My favorite photo of myself
Sleeping Around – just another brilliant photo by Master T.

My favorite photo of my 365Project
Day 198: Orange heart – this almost looks like a fake flower, but it’s very real and very beautiful.

Achievements in this month
–> Won 5th place in Sinful Sunday world cup competition
–> My photo – Heart of Darkness – was chosen as one of the sidebar images for July’s Elust
–> Through to round 6 of the Smut Marathon 2014



Favorite posts of a fellow blogger
An Open Letter to Henry Rollins, and Others: Or Fuck Henry Rollins – Remittance Girl has a clear and impressive way to put her statement onto paper.

Favorite post of myself
It’s a date – I really enjoyed this date and look forward to more similar ones.

My favorite photo of myself
Hiraeth – seeing my hair like this makes me realize how beautifully it has grown and how stupid I was to cut it almost short back in 2006. I hope it will grow at least twice as long as it is here and I will keep it red for as long as I feel comfortable with it.

My favorite photo of my 365Project
Day 222: Lightness – we saw these lovely chandelier in a hotel where we stayed during the summer. I made photos during dinner and this one came out looking gorgeous.

Achievements in this month
–> Hiraeth in top 5 of Molly’s Sinful Sunday.
–> Through to round 7 of the Smut Marathon 2014



Favorite posts of a fellow blogger
Dead Chicken by The Sin Doll – I love the dialogue in this, the kinkiness and the humor!

Favorite post of myself
Getting Acquainted – seeing people around me jumping into online D/s relationships without getting to know each other, or even in real life D/s relationships, I wanted to write a couple of words of caution, as people close to me got hurt because they did not follow some common sense ‘rules’.

My favorite photo of myself
Half and half – I am so proud of my beautiful new tattoo, and this photo made by Master T brought half the tattoo and half my body out so nicely.

My favorite photo of my 365Project
Day 259: Morning Dew – I was forced to stay home for a couple of days and doctor’s orders were to get out of the house and walk. I did, and found this treasure chest of fungi one early morning.

Achievements in this month
–> Half and half in top 5 of Molly’s Sinful Sunday.
–> Through to round 8 of Smut Marathon 2014 and one of the last 4 writers.



Favorite posts of a fellow blogger
Not playing the game – Molly explained clearly and truthfully why she doesn’t play the game of voting for other blogs to be on a top list. There is, after all, a difference between nominating someone and voting for them.

Favorite post of myself
Bad Sex Challenge – I chose this as my favorite post, because this post is partly fiction and partly something that happened many years ago, when I was still young and a bit stupid!

My favorite photo of myself
Gushing wetness – this photo showing the fluids running from my pussy after I have squirted is really a favorite of mine. I love it in both color and in black & white.

My favorite photo of my 365Project
Day 287: Cloudy – this is such a typical Dutch scenery!

Achievements in this month
–> Number 56 on the list of top 100 sex blogging heroes of kinkly.com
–> Through to last round of the Smut Marathon and one of the last three writers.



Favorite posts of a fellow blogger
Wicked Wednesday: The Little Mermaid – this is such delicate and brilliant writing and this teaser makes me want to read all of this story.

Favorite post of myself
I Do It My Way – for once I have decided to speak up and say that I do things my way. Subtweeting by others ‘forced’ me to write this post.

My favorite photo of myself
Stay Scary – these photos are the beginning of something fun and exciting. More to follow on my site in January.

My favorite photo of my 365Project
Day 314: Delicate – this dying flower looks like the skirt of a ballerina.

Achievements in this month
–> I won NaNoWriMo!!!!
–> Mentioned as one of Stranded’s LightSabers for 2014
–> Named in Molly’s Top 20



Favorite posts of a fellow blogger
Smut Marathon – Final round by Oleander Plume. If we had gone through to a voting round, this would definitely have been the story I would have voted for to be the winner. It’s beautiful and strong and delicate.

Favorite post of myself
Pubic Hair Dilemma – I chose this as my favorite post, because the experience of growing my pubic hair back and then not being allowed to shave it, has made me love it all over again. And accept that the pubic hair is just as much part of me as many other things of my body.

My favorite photo of myself
Sinful Color Splash – specifically the middle photo. We had so much fun when we made these photos with the cherry tomatoes and I had just as much fun editing them. I should play with Photoshop more!

My favorite photo of my 365Project
Day 339: One more – somehow the Skeleton Man just had to feature on my 365 project, and this was not the last you have heard or seen of him!

Achievements in this month
–> I am one of the winners of the Smut Marathon 2014!
–> My post ‘Sinful Color Splash’ was chosen as one of Molly’s top 5 for the prompt week.
–> My blog was mentioned on a list of a dozen Dutch sex bloggers
–> I received the Bad Girl Blogger Award from Katie Laid Bare and F Dot Leonora
–> Mentioned on Beck’s top 25 list
–> Mentioned on Katie’s naughty list
–> My blog has been added to the Very Naughty list of blogs to be followed in 2014-2015
–> Mentioned on Naughty Corner’s list of Top Bloggers of 2014
–> Mentioned as one of Rori’s Top 100 Sex Bloggers of 2014

That concludes my year in review. I will do the same next year, with a slight adjustment though. And of course I will start with 2015 in review at the end of January 2015. It’s great to read back and see the things I have read and written during 2014 and the achievements of each month. It has been a busy year, and 2015 will be no different, since I will be following a study too! Phew, as if I wasn’t busy enough already.

If anyone wants to do the same kind of review on their blogs at the end of 2015, please feel free to do so!

I wish everyone true happiness, love and good health in 2015!

© Rebel’s Notes

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13 thoughts on “2014: Rebel’s year in review (July – December)

  1. Thank you so much, Marie – I’m both honoured and thrilled to have been included in your round-up for the year – and I’ve enjoyed so much of your own writing and that of the others on your list.
    Have a wonderful and productive 2015.

  2. Thank you for giving me some wonderful reading during the year . . . and also for this post because I somehow missed Jane’s “I touch myself” from July and it was great to discover the link here.
    Big kisses for 2015 . . . Have fun . . . or have fun trying!!!
    Xxx – K

  3. Chintz Curtain inspired me to write something similar, and while I haven’t posted it because I haven’t finished it, I am continuing to work on it.
    And now you’ve inspired me to add to my yearly reflection, as I love this idea. (And just like you, I’ll have to divide it into two posts, as the one this year was at the max that the online reader prefers.)

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