Talking Dirty

dirtytalkDirty talk.

Talking dirty.

Talking dirty doesn’t come easy to me. There was a time that I didn’t even make a sound during sex. Whoever I had sex with didn’t know whether I enjoyed it or not. Then, one day, a sex partner got angry with me and told me that he wanted to know whether I like it or not and he was feeling like he was fucking a doll instead of a human being. I learned to make sounds when I enjoyed something and the talking came with that. Not floods of words, but only ‘yes’ or ‘that’s nice’.

It was with Master T that I got into dirty talking. But, this doesn’t mean that I am constantly talking while we’re having sex. I almost never talk dirty when we are not having sex and when we are, I am mostly back to making sounds and saying ‘yes’ or ‘that’s nice’. But, Master T was the one who started calling me a whore or a slut or his bitch. He was the one demanding from me to repeat it.
“What are you?” He would ask.
“A whore,” I would answer.
“Who’s whore?”

Over and over He would ask me this. Sometimes during sex, sometimes during a session. It made it a bit easier for me to talk dirty, but I almost never do it without being prompted. Almost. There are those times when He has His fingers deep inside me, where he had brought me to several orgasms already and where I am so horny that all I want is another orgasm, and another, and another. Those are the times when I look at Him, when I have my eyes wide open and look at Him. I see the look in His eyes. His strength. His dominance. His strictness. I see my lust mirrored in His eyes. And I talk. I tell Him I like being His whore. Or I tell Him I am His slut. I say it without being prompted. This doesn’t happen every time during sex, even though our sex is always satisfying.

All our dirty talk happens during sex.

Except for one thing.

There is that one word He calls me and it pushes my buttons every time He does. Directly translated it means either cunt or cat, depending from which language you translate it. You see, where I grew up it is seen as a swear word, but where I live now it’s a perfectly common words used by all ages. That has become His pet name for me, but He never uses it when the kids are around. And, when He uses it, I melt. He knows what it means in the country where I grew up and the way He says it can always be classified under ‘dirty talk’. There is an underlying meaning in this word that only Master T and I get.

I would never want to be without this word, and I would also not want to go back to where I was, without talking or using those dirty words. I am a slut and a whore. No, I am HIS slut and whore and the slut and whore of whoever He allows to fuck me and I am damn proud of it!

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5 thoughts on “Talking Dirty

  1. I have to agree one of the hottest things is when Sir gets me to repeat that I’m his slut or whore, it gets me going every time, without fail!

  2. I’ve noticed that a lot of people enjoy being prompted to talk dirty: I know that I find this hot, too (although not with the same language). I agree with the commenter above: it doesn’t naturally feel submissive, but being ordered to do it makes it so!

  3. I am not one for dirty talk either. However, My Sir will ask me those same tantalizing questions which I have to repeat back to him. These questions make things that much hotter in the bedroom and I love it.

    Great piece.

    xxx Miss July xxx

  4. I could have written this same post almost word for word. I am not a big dirty talker either (surprisingly, since I write dirty all the time). But He forces it out of me by asking those same tantalizing questions that always make me come harder, especially if there is simultaneous hair-pulling. I think for some of us, it’s hard to talk dirty when you’re a sub…almost like your talking out of place or something. But, if He asks you something, or demands it, then you are set free to fulfill the demand.

    1. You have said it exactly as I experience it: when He asks something, you are set free to fulfill the demand 🙂

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