Stay Scary

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Sinful Sunday is all about the image, but sometimes it needs a bit of a story, and more than one image. Today is one of those days. There’s a story behind the pubic hair you see in these photos, but that’s a story I will tell you tomorrow.

For now I have another… sort of scary… story for you. A Halloween story…

20141101-008wm halloween piercings
A scary skeleton creature moves in and seize my pussy as his property. I am helpless as he takes power over me and looks up as if offering me to the Halloween gods.
20141101-009wm halloween piercings
He moves in and grabs what he has claimed as his, holding onto my piercing and waving his arm to present his property to the world.
20141101-010wm halloween piercings
“This is mine,” he says as he grabs my piercings and spread me open. The grin on his face speaks of pure satisfaction.
20141101-022wm halloween piercings
Oh no, something is about to happen. I feel his power over me as the expression on his face change to something ominous.
20141101-023wm halloween piercings
He looks satisfied as pumpkins start appearing from my pussy. The control he has over my body is too strong to break. Something is up with those pumpkins. I just know it!
20141101-040wm halloween piercings
Skeleton Man moves down and kneels between my legs as a hand appeared from inside my pussy. Wait? A hand? From inside my pussy?!? He presses his hand flat against my pussy to keep me down and puts a pumpkin on the hand. Then he starts to push against the hand. Why?
20141101-043wm halloween piercings
As Skeleton Man slowly pushes the hand towards my pussy, he looks up and mumbles a few words. The pumpkin is his offering to the Halloween gods. But why did he have to involve my pussy in this ritual?

 When we looked at the photos after we had our private little photo session, it was so difficult to choose, that I decided to post a sequence that seems to make a story. Hope you enjoyed this, because we certainly had a lot of fun!

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20 thoughts on “Stay Scary

  1. I love, love, LOVE these. I don’t know if I could have kept still enough to take the pictures, I would have been giggling so much. They capture the fun and spooky Halloween so well 🙂

  2. That’s awesome. I used those same witches as part of MMU Hillary Clinton and the Satanic Sex Party pictorial… Which I should probably work on posting. Hot pics

  3. These are absolutely brilliant and I can see why you had trouble choosing a favourite. I loved the story the images told. Spooky, sexy and simply amazing how you captured these images.

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