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There’s a new app in town, called Sex 101, and it has been created by The Sex Trend, an online adult guide. I came across this app when I read a post of Malin James, and soon I found more posts about Sex 101, such as those written by Jilly Boyd, Tamsin Flowers and Oleander Plume.

To say the least, I got curious. I love gadgets and what I love even more are apps to make my gadgets even more interesting. And what is better than having an app on your phone that collect posts from different RSS feeds and show them all in one place? And not just any posts, but posts from fellow sex bloggers. Isn’t that just incredibly convenient? I like the idea of being able to take all the posts with me wherever I go and read when I have the time and opportunity, or simply when I am not in the mood to join the conversation like when the people around me are talking politics or religion in the bar.

The posts you see in the Sex 101 App are recent posts by sex bloggers, erotica writers and sex educators. New blogs are still added and if yours are not on there, you can contact the people of The Sex Trend at to add your blog/website, as it isn’t added automatically or at random.

sex101There are two versions of the FREE Sex 101 App:

Mac (Apple)

Just a note: I have an Android phone and had to open the browser on my phone, go to and download mikandi first before I could download the Sex 101 app. I was prompted to allow downloading and installing apps from an unknown source before I could continue downloading mikandi.

Addendum: There are some start-up problems with the app, but from what I have heard they are working hard to sort this out. So if you have downloaded it on my recommendation, please be patient and I hope the problems will be sorted soon. (02.11.2014)

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