Remember, remember the fifth of November…

guyfawkesVictoria paced from wall to wall in the confined space. Five paces. Turn. Five paces. Turn. Five Paces. Turn. She stopped to look up at the small window high up in the wall. She could see a patch of blue sky through it, but it was far too high for her to look outside. Five paces. Turn. Five paces. She stopped again. The heavy metal door in the other wall blocked her way outside. Victoria could kick herself. Why did she tell them that they could store the gunpowder at her house? Why did she even get involved in the plot?

Returning to her pacing, Victoria’s mind turned to the group of students. They are forever thinking of ways to play pranks on others. It was at the end of October that they came up with the mischievous plan to re-enact The Gunpowder Plot*. Victoria overheard them talk in the diner one night. They had stolen statues before, hid it away for a week or so and then put it back. Or like the time they took the sword out of a harness and smuggled it out of a museum with them, only to put it back a week later. It was innocent student fun. When she served them more beer she overheard them talking about one problem they had: where to store the barrel of fake gunpowder. She surprised herself by saying that they could store it at her house.

Someone else must have overheard the students talk too and that someone must have told the police. The students brought the barrel to her house and was arrested at the front door of the building where she lived. And then they arrested her.

Victoria resumed her pacing. It was all innocent student fun, she thought again, surely the police must understand that? A sound coming from the door made her stop. The door swung open and a police officer entered her cell.
“Please officer, it was only a joke,” she said, “the gunpowder wasn’t even real.”
He just looked at her.
“It was just innocent fun,” she tried again.
“Who told you the gunpowder wasn’t real?” the officer asked.
“They told me. I offered them a place to store it, until the wanted to use it.”
“And if I tell you the gunpowder was real?”
Now Victoria was the one just looking at him.

“It was real?” she asked in a small voice.
He nodded. She stared at him, trying to take in what has been said. She felt like a fool. Were they even students?
“I had no idea,” Victoria said.
“What are we going to do with you, young lady? You helped a bunch of criminals. That makes you an accomplice.”
“But, I had no idea…” Victoria repeated, “please, I’m innocent.”
Panic gripped her heart. What would happen to her?
“There might be a way for you to get out of this,” the officer said.
“Anything,” Victoria immediately said, “I’ll do anything.”

“Anything?” the officer said and frowned.
“Yes, anything,” Victoria said said eagerly.
The officer looked her up and down before he spoke again.
“You’re very sure about that? You’ll do anything?”
Victoria nodded, but she didn’t feel very confident anymore. She had seen the officer’s glance at her breasts. Mixed with some discomfort was her excitement. She tightened the muscles in her pussy when a drop escaped her lips.
The officer sensed her surrender. He took a step towards her and started unzipping his fly.
“On your knees,” he said and watched to see whether she would obey. Victoria did, giving him the green light to go ahead.

His cock was half hard when he pushed it into her mouth. Victoria was hesitant at first, but her breathing betrayed her. Her excitement was obvious. She closed her hand around the base of his cock, but he pushed her hand away.
“Only your mouth,” he said. Victoria let go of his cock and concentrated on licking and sucking him, using only her mouth. He pushed into her mouth and pulled out slowly. Each time he pushed in, he pushed in a bit further. Victoria opened her mouth wide and breathed in through her nose. The quicker he pushed in, the more difficulty she had to stop her gag reflex. The officer didn’t seem to notice and Victoria didn’t want to stop him. She really wanted to get out of this prison. She concentrated on breathing and just opened and allowed him to fuck her mouth. He grabbed the sides of her head and fucked her mouth until he spurted his fluids in the back of her throat.

He left her there on the floor, on her knees and left the door open as he walked out. Victoria quickly wiped her mouth, straightened her clothes and walked out the door, following him to the front of the building. Outside the building she saw the group of students whom she had been serving beer some nights before. The ‘officer’ turned around, looked at her and smiled.
“Thank you,” he said to her and turned back to the students. He patted them on the back and as they started chanting, Victoria knew that she was the subject of their prank:

Remember remember the fifth of November
Gunpowder, treason and plot.
I see no reason why gunpowder, treason
Should ever be forgot…”
Find a girl who is sexy and hot,
Fuck her mouth, I kid you not!

* The Gunpowder Plot

© Rebel’s Notes

This post was written for the discontinued meme A Darker Flame, with the prompt: Remember, remember…

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