Piercings & Being Pierced

I don’t think that – for frequent readers of my scribblings – it would come as a surprise that I love piercings. I have written about it quite a number of times and I will not promise to never write about them again. Or post pictures.

I have quite a history of piercings, having been pierced ten times in total now. My first two piercings were nipple piercings, which I had done late 1998 or early 1999. I cannot remember exactly when, but I will never forget how I struggled to get the piercings to heal. In July of 1999 I had enough. I took them out. The next piercing was done in 2000 when I had my belly button pierced during a holiday in South Africa. I think it took about a year for my body to reject the piercing. The two holes just grew closer and closer together. By then I was done with piercings. Obviously my body couldn’t handle it.

Then I met Master T. From the very beginning he said He wanted me pierced and I always refused. But gradually I grew warmer to the idea. One day after I moved in with Master T, my clitoris hood was pierced. It was like a token of our love, a token of us embarking on our journey together. In 2005 I had my nipples pierced again since the clitoris piercing healed perfectly. Unfortunately these didn’t heal either and about 9 months after I got them, I removed them again. In 2011 I pondered having them pierced again, but finally decided not to do it.

Rewind one year to where I had my inner labia pierced for the first time. This was back in the time where I still wrote about myself in the third person. I had finally warmed to the idea to have my inner labia pierced, the way Master T wanted it. A date was set and a week after the piercings were done I posted photos of the new piercings which formed a nice triangle with my clitoris piercing. Another update followed and the labia piercings became as much part of me as my hood piercing was.

Two years later Master T said that He would like for me to have two more piercings. I was still getting used to the idea when He set me an ultimatum. I had to have it done before the end of the month. Once again I wrote about the healing process and the fact that this second set didn’t heal as fast as the first set.

And then we had my recent piercing drama where I lost my hood piercing. We set an appointment to have my hood re-pierced on 1 November, which also happened to be our wedding anniversary. Master T had decided that since I lost one piercing, I would get two back. At the piercing shop I got in the chair to have the piercings done. The lady cleaned the area that she would pierce and then suddenly said: “I think the hole is still open!”
I almost cried with relief. She tried to just put a new piercing in, but needed to get something else to open it up a bit. It hurt a little bit, but within a minute I had a piercing in my hood again. While she was gone I asked Master T if we could please keep it at 5 piercings and He agreed. Five minutes later I was dressed and we were on our way again. In a couple of weeks we will go back to the store and I will have my good piercing changed into something beautiful again and at the same time have the second set of labia piercings changed to look the same as the first set.

piercingsSo, to answer some Jade’s questions:

Piercings – yea or nay?

Do you have any? If so, are they a part of your kink, or just decorative?
I have five. They are both part of my kink but also decorative. I love the look of them, especially my hood piercing.

What is it about them that makes them a “kink” as opposed to just decoration?
They are symbolic of the fact that I am owned by Master T.

Being pierced – yea or nay?

Do you enjoy the sensation of being pierced, either in play or as a part of creating a permanent piercing?
I cannot say that I enjoy the moment the needle goes through my flesh. That hurts like hell, but the moment I am outside the store, I am so happy and feel like I could tell the world about it.

What is it about being pierced that “gets you where you live”?
I think the fact that intimate piercings are still something that we don’t talk about openly, the fact that it makes me feel naughty and sexy, the fact that I see that Master T loves the look of my pierced pussy…

Have you ever gotten a piercing because someone else wanted you to? Do your piercings affect your sex life, in good or bad ways?
I would have been perfectly content if I had only three intimate piercings, but went along with it when Master T wanted me to have two more, because of the symbolism. The piercings have never affected my sex life in a bad way. The good way in which they affect me is that I still get excited when I see them or touch them, no matter what time of the day. Like I said, it makes me feel sexy.

Like I said in the beginning: it’s definitely no surprise that I love piercings!

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  1. I think piercing are very sexy. Unfortunately my skin tends to form scar tissue so I cannot have them.
    When I was younger I had a nipple piercing. But the ring kept falling out . and eventually I lost it.
    If I were going to have a piercing it would be the labia .

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