LovePalz’s Ladobi Earphones

Ladobi Earphones by Lovepalz
Ladobi Earphones by Lovepalz

I have been approached by a company called LovePalz to do an honest review of one of their products, earphones that have been exclusively designed for porn. I was curious to try these earphones, as I had no idea just how earphones can better one’s experience of porn.
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Packaging & Contents & More
I was a bit disappointed when I received the package in the mail. I always have all packages sent to our home address and have specifically asked not to mention the name ‘Marie Rebelle’ on the outside. However, this package clearly stated this name. Thankfully I could intercept the package before one of the kids saw it.

The earphones are packaged in a round box of about 8 centimeters in diameter and about 4 centimeters high. When you open the box, it’s almost like a smiley meeting you with the bright yellow coloring of the earphones. Under the top part is the cord of the earphones, as well as a small storage bag and a tiny booklet with some information. Inside the storage bag are extra ‘rubbers’ for the earphones.

On the cord for the left earphone there is a Mic Control Box, with which you can turn the volume up or down, jump to the previous or next track (I guess for CD’s) and answer/decline a call (I guess for Skype). There is also a tiny microphone in the Mic Control Box.

Some of the specifications of the earphones are:
Driver Unit: 10mm (double layer composite diaphragm)
Plug: 3.5mm gold plated plug
Cable length: 1.2m ultra pure copper

Earphones from left to right: Ladobi, Icidi, Philips, Samsung.
Earphones from left to right:
Ladobi, Icidu, Philips, Samsung.

My experience with the product
When I set out to test the earphones, I also gathered all the other earphones I could find. In the end I had four sets I could compare:
* Ladobi
* Icidu (bought when I needed earphones)
* Philips (came with my 8 year old MP3 player)
* Samsung (came with my 1 year old Samsung Galaxy S4)

I searched for a porn clip (hey, it was said that this makes porn better, right?) and first used the Samsung earphones. The sound was good and clear. Next up were the Icidu earphones and the sound was definitely not as good as with the Samsung earphones. The Philips earphones had the same quality of sound as the Samsung earphones. No difference there. Last up was the Ladobi earphones. The sound was good, really good, but at first I didn’t hear any difference from when I used the Samsung or Philips earphones. So I alternated using the earphones by playing the same part of the porn clip over and over. It was then that I realized that the sound with the Ladobi was ‘fuller’, ‘richer’. Where, when I used the Samsung or Philips earphones, I listened to the sound, the Ladobi earphones put me right there in the midst of the sound. They claim that the earphones give you 360 degree surround

The earphones and ... inside the little box.
The earphones and microphone control inside the little box.

My opinion of the product
Where I don’t use earphones a lot, in future when I want to watch porn on my laptop, I will definitely use the Ladobi earphones. The way they enrich the sound and make you feel as if you are in the same room of those having sex is much nicer than using the other earphones that make you no more than a bystander. On the small box the earphones are stored in, it says: The world’s first earphone for adult entertainment.
This is not a bad claim to make, but I cannot say that if I had to use any of the other three earphones, I would have enjoyed porn less than I do. It’s not like the Ladobi earphones make my experience of watching porn a whole lot better, but I do like the richer sound it gives.

Where to buy?
The Ladobi earphones can only be bought from LovePalz.

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