The instructor (15)

In 2012 my dear and sexy male friend of many years co-wrote a story with me, called Katie & Steve. When I put the goal on my 101 list to co-write at least two more stories, he was the first I turned to and he was totally up for another, sexy story. I started the story; he ended it. We could not plan ahead, as you did not know what the other would write. The story has been sent to and fro numerous times as we added new pieces to it, but we continuously made sure that it made ONE story.

This friend of mine has featured in quite a couple of true stories on my blog and will do so more in future.

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womansoldierContinued from… The instructor (14)

She had seen very little of Hannah during the day. They had been in separate groups and her group had finished last on the obstacle course so that had to do it again which meant that Zoe was one of the last out of the shower. With her hair still wet she donned a clean uniform and made her way to Hanson’s office. As she approached she could see Hannah outside, standing at ease and waiting to be summoned into Hanson’s office. Zoe took her place next to Hannah and tried to discern what was going through her mind. Hannah’s face betrayed nothing and Zoe had an awful feeling that perhaps she had changed her mind from what she had told Hanson that morning. She was still pondering this when from inside the office Hanson’s distinctive voice bellowed and ordered them inside.

Zoe and Hannah sprang to attention and quick marched into the office. They came to a halt in front of Hanson’s desk and stood upright and firmly to attention. Hanson leaned back in his chair, his uniform immaculate, creased perfectly, his medal ribbons bright on his chest. He was a man in the peak of physical fitness, flat hard belly, broad shoulders, slim waist. He knew he was attractive to women and he liked to flaunt it. He sat for a moment and preened in front of the two women standing at his desk. Then he stood up from his chair and as he moved around the desk he took a swagger stick from an old artillery shell he used as an umbrella stand. He walked around to behind Zoe and Hannah without saying a word. He was clearly inspecting them from behind and he made no secret of the fact. Both women could feel his eyes covering every inch of their bodies, undressing them in his mind.

Then, just when Zoe began to relax ever so slightly he bellowed once more, so loud that the pens and pencils on the desk seemed to vibrate with the reverberations of his voice. “You two are the most useless specimens of military personnel I have ever seen in my life,” he screamed. “I have never come across two more unlikely soldiers in all my born days, but let me assure you ladies, I am going to take a very very personal interest in your training. Let me assure you that I will make sure you two are good girls soldiers even if it kills you both.”

Zoe was shaken by the screaming, and she felt sure that she had misunderstood. Had she not fucked Hanson right here in this office, had she not tacitly agreed to continuing her dalliance with Hannah for his amusement? Surely that bought her some grace, and yet here he was screaming and threatening to make her life a misery. Zoe was confused.

Just as these thoughts were rolling through Zoe’s head, Hanson stepped close behind her, between her and Hannah, his voice lowered and deepened and he said: “Drop your trousers both of you, and your panties. Then bend forward and place your hands on the desk.”
Zoe was terrified, but the tone of Hanson’s voice made it clear he was not asking, he was ordering, so she did as instructed, and she noticed that Hannah did the same.

Bent forward over the edge of the desk both women’s asses were pushed back and out. Hanson admired the clean creamy texture of their skins and he felt a stirring in his cock. He too a step backwards to give himself room and then he said in a menacing tone: “Neither of you will moan or cry out in anyway, if you do you will be severely punished with at least a week on punishment drills.”

Zoe had seen others reduced to physical wrecks by just one day of punishment drills and she quivered in fear. Hanson swung the swagger stick in a wide arc and landed a blow across Hannah’s perfect pert ass. The smack of the wood on her flesh seemed incredibly loud, and Zoe expected her to scream out, but she did not, instead she made a low grunt and a small whimper all in one. Hanson swung the stick again, this time the blow landed across Zoe’s ass, she gave a small yelp of surprise and pain, and yet she was surprised that as the glow of the cane stroke burned on her ass, she felt a gush of wetness between her thighs. The stick swung again and Hannah took the blow with a quiet moan. Zoe looked over at her and noticed that their was a slight smile on her lips and a definite hardness to her nipples. It was apparent that Hannah was enjoying this too.

To be continued… The instructor (16)

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