A Hairy Tale

When I hurt my foot, I couldn’t stand properly for the first couple of weeks. This meant that I couldn’t take a proper shower and had to wash myself at the wash basin in our bathroom. Being in pain and not able to put all of my weight on this foot, I decided not to shave for a while. I was going to start shaving again the moment the tape came off and I could shower properly again. However, even before the tape came off my foot, I was allowed to put my full weight on the foot. I started showering again, but I didn’t dare to use the razor as I still had plastic around the foot to protect the tape and I was afraid of slipping.

This meant that for seven weeks the hair on my vulva grew, and grew, and grew. Of course I told Master T about this and the reason why I couldn’t shave. Logically He understood this and would have understood it even if I hadn’t explain it. I told Him that once possible, I would shave again, or maybe I could just shave on the bed. He jokingly called me ‘hairy scary’ and I constantly replied with how I longed for the day that I would be able to shave again.

One night I asked Him whether He wanted to feel my fuzz of hair. There was a growth of about 4 weeks on it by then. He softly ran his hand over the hair, making sounds of approval. He liked the feeling of the hair, and knowing Him, something was brewing in His mind. Two night later he ran His fingers through my fuzz again.
“I like how this feels,” He said.
I just smiled, thinking that the fuzz won’t be there for much longer.
“I think it should grow a bit longer,” He spoke again.
“But I am going to shave it off again,” I protested.
“You are.”
I breathed a sigh of relief.

My relief was short-lived.

“But not soon,” He continued.
“No,” I said, “I know. I can only shave once the tape comes off my foot and it’s save to stand in the shower.”
“No, you can only shave when I tell you it’s okay to shave again.”
“You mean… you mean… uh… you…” I stuttered.
“Yes, I mean you are not allowed to shave until I tell you it’s okay to shave.”
“Is this like a task or something?” I asked, and the tone of my voice didn’t sound very submissive. Thankfully He didn’t notice. Or maybe He just chose to ignore the tone.
“This IS a task. You are not allowed to shave until I tell you to shave.”

I was quiet.
“Will I be allowed to shave again?” I asked in a small voice after several minutes have passed. I couldn’t imagine myself with hair for the rest of my life. I have grown so fond of being smoothly shaven and no matter how much I liked the look at this time, I really wanted to shave again.
“When?” I dared to continue and I knew the answer even before He spoke.
“When I say so.”
It was quiet again for several seconds.
“And before you are allowed to shave again, you will be pierced.”
There was a tone in His voice that cautioned me not to overreact. My lips said “okay” while thoughts rushed through my mind: I have to spread my legs and have my clitoris re-pierced while I am not shaved? The humiliation!

My 6-week growth of pubic hair
My 6-week growth of pubic hair
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It took me two or three days to get used to this and in those two or three days, my mindset changed. Master T helped me to change it, even though He didn’t consciously do it. He asked about the growing of my hair almost daily and told me that it’s sexy and that He sees potential for beautiful photos. This made me realize that the only reason I thought being pierced while having pubic hair is humiliating is because I thought He would not want to look at my pussy while it was unshaven. But He liked the look of it, liked to touch it and this made me feel sexy.

I knew the moment would come when He would tell me to shave myself, but for now I am enjoying the sexy feeling my pubic hair is giving me, even though I prefer to have a smooth pussy. And, the moment I am told I am allowed to shave again, I will make an appointment to be waxed. After all, this is number 82 on my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days. And time is running out…

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8 thoughts on “A Hairy Tale

  1. The picture is lovely and you are wonderful and don’t worry a thing about having hair down there. It gives me something to hold on to and it’s warm and soft and fuzzy and perfect. When it’s time to shave, shave, but until then, don’t miss a beat, a fuzzy girl is a fun girl!

  2. Dee is so very right! I love having some hair between my legs, and I don’t like it long. Any change to the appearance that I am unused to doesn’t settle well in my mind.
    It’s lovely, truly. I love the picture.

  3. As you know, I am rather partial to fur – and yours looks lovely! I can understand why you’d like to shave again, once you have permission – if I was ordered to shave and only regrow once I had permission I’d be much the same, only in reverse. We get used to what we prefer 🙂

    xx Dee

    1. You are so right about this, Dee. I just love to look at your fur and that of other women, but I always thought mine was not nice. Ugly even. I have shaved for more than half my life, which means I really got used to a smooth pussy. But, looking at photos of it as it is now, I realize mine is just as beautiful! And still, I will eventually shave again 🙂

      Rebel xox

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