Dinner Rush

One thing we really wanted to do during our overnight stay in a hotel, was to relax. As part of the relaxing we had a nice dinner planned and wanted to visit the bar after that. When we checked in during the afternoon, we asked whether we needed to book a table, but since it wasn’t busy, it wasn’t necessary to book anything. Still, we didn’t expect to be the only people in the restaurant until we were well through our main course. Only then another couple joined us. This, however, made for a fun evening with the waiter and waitress giving us all their attention, and joking around that it was so busy they could barely handle the work. During our dinner conversation I mentioned to Master T that ‘restaurant’ was another notch I needed for the Scavenger Hunt. Just to make sure that it really was a notch, I checked the list on my Dropbox. Yep, I have a list on there of the different locations and have crossed out the ones I have already done.

After dinner and while enjoying the last of our wine, Master T moved His chair back and pointed his phone at me. He snapped one or two photos where you could see the restaurant to my left, but I wanted it to be visible that there were people sitting right behind us. Just as I pulled my dress down again, the waitress appeared behind the counter from the kitchen. She looked at me and the way she looked, she must have seen what I have done. My arm was blocking the view on my breast, but the movement I made was obvious. She turned away and the way she first turned to one side of the bar, then the other, looked around and then she seemed to decide to make herself some coffee. I am sure she had realized what I was doing and had no idea how to react. This made me smile. She disappeared back into the kitchen and Master T used this opportunity to snap two more pics, showing the people in the seat behind me.


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Have you done a Scavenger Hunt yet? Come on, it’s fun and you can earn your own badges. Otherwise you can just follow the links and see other locations from other participants.

This is my 34th Scavenger Hunt location.



6 thoughts on “Dinner Rush

  1. My wife has flashed me in a restaurant before. It’s so fucking sexy. Unfortunately I didn’t have my phone to record it. Thanks for a peek at your gorgeous breasts. Getting seen is part of the fun right?

    1. Oh yes, it’s a like a delicious embarrassment, but the embarrassment of not being seen would’ve been much bigger 😉

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