Dark Street Fantasy

Ever since reading Subtext by Kate Marley (and maybe even long before that) I could not get this fantasy out of my head. It might not be your piece of cake, but it sure stirs something in me…


She walked down a carefully selected dark street wearing a short, tight fitting black dress, black stockings of which the lace tops were just visible under her dress. Black and red shiny leather shoes with high heels completed the picture. It was a nice and warm summer evening. The street was quiet. She seemed to be the only one out on the street, but deep down she knew she wasn’t. Knowing it was about to happen but not knowing exactly when, excited her even more. She had a knot in her stomach. It was nerve-wrecking to share her fantasy with him, and even more nerve-wrecking to know it was about to become real.

She smiled as she thought how he finally dragged this dark fantasy out of her. She never wanted to tell anyone, but he had a way to always get her talking. When he told her what to wear and the street she should be on, she knew he was about to make her fantasy come true. With her mind full of thoughts she didn’t see the man stepping out of the shadows. A scream filled the night air before his hand closed tightly over her mouth. She kicked and tried to fight the man, suddenly terrified. She had no idea who it was and no idea if he was even there to watch over here while it happened. She had little time to worry about it as the man dragged her deeper into a faintly lit alley.
“Ah, we are going to have ourselves some fun, I see,” a man spoke from somewhere in the shadows.
More voices joined. Four men.

The hand on her mouth was replaced by a dirty and foul smelling rag that was placed over her mouth and tied tightly behind her head. Her hands were tied behind her back with an equally dirty rag. She moaned helplessly, trying to see the men but they stayed in the shadows.
“Now let’s see what we have here,” the man who dragged her into the alley said.
He pushed her dress up and discovered that she was bare underneath.
“Such a slut,” one of the men said, “no underwear! Obviously she wants to be used.”
That was what she told him, she wanted to be used by men in a dark alley way, but she had not told him how many men or what she wanted them to do to her. She was at the mercy of these four men. It terrified her. It excited her.

Her muffled scream could be heard behind the thick rag when one of the men pushed her forward against some oil drums. Her body was pinned on top of the drums and her feet kicked sideways to spread her legs. The first blow landed on her bare buttock. She screamed again. Another blow. Another scream. Over and over. While one man held her down on the oil drum, another positioned himself behind her and rammed his cock into her wet cunt. A warm flush covered her face as she realized just how wet she was.
“This cunt is so wet,” the man said and she felt the blush deepening.

One by one the men fucked her. Over and over again. There came a moment that they did not even pin her down on the oil drum anymore. She stayed in position and waited for them to shoot their loads in their condoms. It quieted down when they were done and they disappeared from the alley. Silence settled in the alley. She stood up, pulled her dress down and tried to get her hair back in order. As she started walking back towards the street a man appears in the opening of the alley. His silhouette was edged against the faint light behind her. Fear gripped her heart as she wondered: is that him or does he have more in store for me?

*** Photo borrowed from sodahead.com
© Rebel’s Notes

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8 thoughts on “Dark Street Fantasy

  1. Oh God, this is dark and so erotic. These kinds of fantasies intrigue me because I share them. But I’m not sure I’m brave enough to let them come to life.

  2. You are THE Queen of Nasty, Erotic Sexual Writing and Photos! I am Always Wanting More of Your Writing! You give Me Great Pleasure! Please Don’t be Mad!

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