Submission: Erotica for Women edited by Alex Algren

submissioneroticaforwomenI have been asked to participate in a blog tour for Submission: Erotica for Women. It is an ebook exclusive collection of short stories edited by Alex Algren. The book features six stories of submissive women, dominated by the men in their lives. I love reading stories about female submission and therefore decided to participate in this blog tour by reviewing this book.

The book:
I have been sent the PDF version of the book, but searching the interwebs I found the cover of this book on Amazon. The cover shows a woman looking down, with bright red rope around her wrists. The photo woman takes up only half of the color. The rest is black, leaving space for the title and editor’s name. I like the cover. If this book was found in a book store, I would have picked it up to read the back cover.

Right after the title page there’s an introduction by Alex Algren and then the contents table for the six stories in this book, as well as a part where you can read more about each of the six authors.

The editor:
I couldn’t find more information about Alex Algren, except that she has also edited a couple of other books, such as:
Stories of O: Orgasmic Erotica
Backdoor Pleasures: Anal Erotica
Bare Assed: Kinky Spanking Stories
Fairy Tale Sex: Out of This World Erotic Romance
Kinky! Explicit Erotica
Quick Sex: Erotic Stories of Fast Flings
Soaking Wet: Lesbian Sex Stories


The stories:

Truss Issues – Lux Zakari
A reluctant girl agrees to be tied up for the first time and finds out how liberating it is to give herself over in the hands of her lover. I especially like how her fear to be tied up changed into desire.

The Art of Darkness – Alison Tyler
This story feels incredibly real. It made me feel like I was looking out from the inside. I felt her inner fight, felt her surrender, felt the progress she made. Alison Tyler sure has a way with words and keeps your attention captured from beginning to end.

Reclaiming – Teresa Noelle Roberts
A story where the female character comes back from a business trip. She needs to make the switch from business woman to slave and I just love how her Master gets her into the right frame of mind.

I Breathe Your Name – Tess Danesi
The story started out with little kink in it, but the build up towards the kinky part in the second half is good. And, the breath play scenes is excellent!

The Weight – Rachel Kramer Bussel
This piece written by Rachel Kramer Bussel is a work of art. It leaves a lot to the imagination of the reader; says a lot without actually saying it as she describes the inner feelings of the submissive.

A Necessary Correction – Debra Hyde
She made a mistake and she had to be punished. The way Kiana is punished is hot and sexy. Each word Debra Hyde has written pulls you into the story, makes you feel that you are looking in from the outside.


My opinion:
This book contains only six stories, but each of them approach the subject – submissive women and their submission – from a different angle. Each story is short enough to read in bed before you go to sleep, but beware, you might not be able to sleep after reading a story. They are hot and sexy and all very well written, and definitely worth a read!




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