Stockings… Pantyhose… Tights

There was a time when I used to wear only pantyhose, but that has passed. I now own maybe two pairs of pantyhose and they are still new in the box, which goes to show just how frequently I wear them.

Stockings and tights are a totally different thing though.

One of my colorful pairs of tights
One of my colorful pairs of tights
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I cannot remember when I started wearing tights. I think I might have worn some when I was still a child, but not living in a terribly cold country meant that I didn’t wear it that much. However, since living in Europe I might have worn it more, although I seem to remember that I only started wearing them about 10 years ago. Before that I was still in my pantyhose and pants period, where I wore the pantyhose under the pants to stay warm. Yes, really.

Then I discovered that I like to wear a skirt occasionally. For the cold winter days I needed to have something to keep my legs warm. In came tights. Simple tights. Black, brown or dark blue, depending on what I wore. I love to wear black and occasionally alternate that with black and dark blue. I didn’t think wearing colored tights or tights with a nice motif would suit me. And the last thing I wanted was to look ridiculous. Until one day I put it on, stood in front of the mirror and thought: damn, that really looks nice on me! From then on I stopped wearing only uni-colored tights, but also started wearing tights with flowers printed on them, or little stars, or bubbles. Combined with a uni-colored skirt it really looks nice. I have an entire drawer full of tights, which means I have about 50 pairs of them. No, I definitely don’t wear them all. I do have my favorites, because one thing I hate is if tights are not comfortable. I tend to never wear them again, but I also don’t throw them away.

Tights might not be seen as kinky, but they do make me feel sexy. I love wearing my tights under a skirt or a dress – preferably short-ish – and I never wear any panties when I wear tights. This makes me feel even sexier. And a bit naughty too. This is one thing one cannot do when wearing pantyhose – wear them without panties. Especially not when you’re prone to vaginal infections. But, that’s off topic. What I also like is wearing boots with my tights and short-ish skirt/dress. There is just something about tights and boots that I love.

Stockings bought at the druggist, fitting nice and high on my legs, the way I prefer it.
Stockings bought at the druggist, fitting nice and high on my legs, the way I prefer it.
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Then there’s stockings. I can’t remember my first experience with stockings, but what I do remember is that it has always been a terrible fight to find stockings that stay up the way they are suppose to. And here I do not make a distinction between hold-ups (stay-ups) and ‘normal’ stockings. I have worn stockings with a garter belt and had to constantly re-attach the straps of the garter belt to the stockings because they popped off when walking or when sitting down. I have even blogged about this before, expressing my wish that the clips on the garter belts should be different, easier to work with.

But I have also worn hold-ups that slowly started slipping down my legs. Even so that I once, in the middle of a big department store, pulled up my dress to hoist the hold-ups, not knowing that everyone could see me in the huge mirror on the ceiling. For quite some time I was not very happy with any of the stockings I owned. But, I kept on buying new ones – ones I still didn’t have. Until one day I bought a pair at our local druggist. They were not sized S-M-L but they had European shoe sizes on them: 38-40 and 42-44. I bought the latter, even though I have a shoe size 38. I went back to the store a week later and bought their entire stock of hold-ups. These hold-ups were brilliant. They were longer, which meant they did not stop mid-thigh, but actually reached to the top of my thigh. And, the first time I wore them, I could walk and site and walk some more and they stayed in place. Okay, sometimes there’s a dud package in there and the stocking is not long enough, but since these stockings are not expensive at all, I don’t mind that every now and then I have to throw a packet away.

When we go out, Master T wants me to wear stockings. No panties. Never any panties.

On our way to a play date and dressed as instructed: stockings, no panties.
On our way to a play date and dressed as instructed: stockings, no panties.
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Combined with the stockings and no panties, I wear a hort skirt or dress, stockings, high heels or boots. Where in the past I dreaded these clothing instructions, I don’t anymore. Not since I have discovered the druggist’s stockings. Oh, the druggist’s stockings come only in black and in nude, but I have always preferred wearing the black ones, which comes back to the fact that I love to wear black. So I don’t mind having stockings mostly in black, but I also have colored ones, as could be seen in a Sinful Sunday challenge. I think the red ones in this picture literally cost about 5 times what I pay for the others at the druggist. I am incredibly careful not to tear them. I also have a pair of red net stockings, but those I have to wear with a garter belt and that is something I stay away from as much as possible.

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7 thoughts on “Stockings… Pantyhose… Tights

  1. I have yet to find any hold ups that work for me, however, I much prefer the look of ‘normal’ stockings with a suspender belt. Personally having the straps of the belt in addition to stockings is so much sexier.

  2. I’m with the two of you, finding the right brand for thigh highs (stay-ups?) is key! Unfortunately I haven’t found a brand here in the US that I like.

  3. yep you are right about finding the right pair. I have come to the conclusion that the best ones here in the UK can oddly be found in Marks and Spencer. People always looks at me oddly when I tell them that but they they try them and are like… oh you are so right, sadly they don’t do many ‘different’ ones like the ones with the line up the back but sometimes at Christmas they have selections of different styles and so I tend to stock up


    1. That’s the only downside to the place I buy mine too – they only have ‘plain’ ones. So for those with a line up the back or other nice patterns, I have to buy more expensive ones and then hope they really fit.

      Rebel xox

  4. Extremely Nice Photos! I am Definitely a Man who Loves to Admire Women in Stockings, with Garter Belt or Not! A lot of Women where I live wear Extremely Short Skirts with Tights! All of the Before Mentioned makes My Mouth Water and other Parts Tighten! A Favorite Subject! Thank You Very Much!

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