Pull My Daisy

 Back in August I did a product review of nipple suckers.

While they were on my nipples, Master T ordered me to pull. I thought the sucker would pop off, but…


My purplish nipple inside a nipple sucker
My purplish nipple inside a nipple sucker
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Sinful Sunday

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Well this one certainly provoked a physical response. As soon as I saw it my nipples went hard and there was that tell tale throb and twitch (dare I say it) *points and says “down there”. I was at a loss as to why for a short while, as up until I saw this image I have shied away from suction caps for one reason or another. Until I realised it was the shape of Rebel’s breast against her black sleeve, the hint of red on her nails and the impression of a gentle steady pull to the point where pleasure and pain mix just seem to do it for me.

31 thoughts on “Pull My Daisy

  1. I love them and I live this shot! I need to get a good set one of these days. I’ve been making do with inferior products for too long. I “leak” when I use them. Not a bad thing but not all partners appreciate it.


    1. There was some leakage with these too, but we couldn’t determine if it was sweat or breast milk. Couldn’t really have been the latter, as my youngest is mid twenties already.

    1. These might just change them to very sensitive. Mine used to be quite insensitive, until Master T started pinching them very regularly. That really changed it, after some months.

  2. I have really sensitive nipples, so I’m not sure if that would be exquisite torture, or just too much for me….but it’d be fun to find out 😀

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