Pull My Daisy

Pulling my nipple up holding onto a nipple sucker

 Back in August I did a product review of nipple suckers.

While they were on my nipples, Master T ordered me to pull. I thought the sucker would pop off, but…


My purplish nipple inside a nipple sucker
My purplish nipple inside a nipple sucker
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Sinful Sunday

This photo has been chosen by @HopeAlways as one of the top 5 for the roundup of week 183 of Sinful Sunday:
Well this one certainly provoked a physical response. As soon as I saw it my nipples went hard and there was that tell tale throb and twitch (dare I say it) *points and says “down there”. I was at a loss as to why for a short while, as up until I saw this image I have shied away from suction caps for one reason or another. Until I realised it was the shape of Rebel’s breast against her black sleeve, the hint of red on her nails and the impression of a gentle steady pull to the point where pleasure and pain mix just seem to do it for me.