The instructor (9)

In 2012 my dear and sexy male friend of many years co-wrote a story with me, called Katie & Steve. When I put the goal on my 101 list to co-write at least two more stories, he was the first I turned to and he was totally up for another, sexy story. I started the story; he ended it. We could not plan ahead, as you did not know what the other would write. The story has been sent to and fro numerous times as we added new pieces to it, but we continuously made sure that it made ONE story.

This friend of mine has featured in quite a couple of true stories on my blog and will do so more in future.

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womansoldierContinued from… The instructor (8)

Hanson reached forward again, his fingers tracing the muscular line of her inner thigh, upwards, to the point where her pussy was growing ever warmer and wetter. This time he did not run his fingers across her pussy lips as before, rather they lingered there for just a moment, and then, with a flick of his powerful wrist Hanson changed the angle of his hand and his two middle fingers plunged into the soaking wet depths of Zoe’s pussy. She moaned, partly in shock, but also in pleasure as his fingers slid deep into her slippery channel. Hanson was clearly skilled at pleasuring a woman this way, because with in a few seconds of plunging his fingers into her, Zoe began to feel the rather exquisite waves of pleasure reverberating through her hips.

The sergeant worked his powerful fingers deep into her wet pussy, her wetness was really quite surprising and soon his entire hand was covered in the slickness of her cunt. He used his thumb to spread her ass slightly, easily achieved because she was bending forward, and when her ass was neatly exposed he slid his thumb, lubricated with her own juices, easily into her ass. His movements were so firm, so fast and so skilled that Zoe had not realized what he had done until her ass was already filled with his powerful digit. She gasped, as much in shock as pleasure, however, she somehow sensed that to protest would be pointless and unwelcome, and besides the pleasure she was feeling seemed to outweigh any outrage she felt.

Hanson, sitting on the chair stroked his cock with one hand while his other hand held Zoe’s pussy and ass, six pack style. His fingers worked around inside her body until he could feel her muscles quivering and shaking with the signs that indicated the early onset of orgasm. He was vaguely surprised, but pleased, that she had not protested when he had slid his thumb into her very tight ass. He suspected that she was an ass virgin, and it made him smile to think that he would take that particular prize in the near future. For the moment though Hanson had other needs.

Using his hand buried inside her he pulled her closer.
“Spread you legs wider,” he told her.
She moved backwards towards him and spread her legs as she moved. The backs of her knees scraped over his powerful and hairy thighs and her ass almost bumped into his midriff. Hanson slid his fingers out of her and said: “Sit down.”
For a moment Zoe was confused as to what he meant, but then she felt Hanson’s stiff cock scraping against her slick pussy lips and she understood what he wanted. The pleasure that his fingers had been creating had been so good that all she could really think about was having a lovely hard cock fill her up, and so, she eased herself down over his hard, quivering member. As her wetness slid down over his rock hard cock they both gave a small primal moan of pleasure. Zoe slid her pussy downwards until she had consumed every inch of Hanson’s cock and as she looked down between her thighs she saw that his balls were squeezed together at the base of her pussy. She had to admit that this reverse cowgirl position he had put her into certainly hit all the right spots in her pussy and she quivered again with sheer pleasure.

From behind her Hanson was also admiring the virtues of the reverse cowgirl. His cock disappeared in a slither of pleasure and once he was deep in her wet pussy he felt as if his cock was in a pool of warm liquid. He pushed her shoulders slightly forward with one hand, and with the other her reached around her waist and found her clit with his fingers. By putting pressure on her clit with one hand and pushing forward with the other her created a rocking motion with her body. Zoe quickly understood what he wanted and she set about moving her body in a rhythm than soon had her gasping for breath.

The movements of her body were incredible Hanson thought. She may not be much of a soldier, but she could certainly fuck. Her body was almost perfect and she knew how to use it. She seemed to have got over her initial hesitancy and she was now riding his cock with abandon. She was tight and very very wet.
“Mmmmmmm yes good girl,” he muttered, “ride my cock like a good little slut.”
“Yes sergeant,” Zoe moaned in return, and proceeded to work her hips even harder up and down on his cock.

To be continued… The instructor (10)

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  1. You are a Tease! Great snippet! I read them All to get the Full Effect of Your story! Thank You!

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