The instructor (10)

In 2012 my dear and sexy male friend of many years co-wrote a story with me, called Katie & Steve. When I put the goal on my 101 list to co-write at least two more stories, he was the first I turned to and he was totally up for another, sexy story. I started the story; he ended it. We could not plan ahead, as you did not know what the other would write. The story has been sent to and fro numerous times as we added new pieces to it, but we continuously made sure that it made ONE story.

This friend of mine has featured in quite a couple of true stories on my blog and will do so more in future.

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womansoldierContinued from… The instructor (9)

Hanson could feel that her tightness and her movements were getting him there and he needed to be more in control, so he stilled her hips with his hand, and she let out a frustrated moan as he did so. Hanson spread his feet slightly and with his cock still buried deep inside here he stood up from the chair. His movement had the effect of pushing her forward and over the expanse of the desktop, and Hanson placed one powerful hand at the back of her neck to force her forward and down. Zoe was now bent over the desk, ass in the air and Hanson standing behind her with his cock still buried inside her. He kept his one hand one her neck and with his free hand he slapped her ass once, hard.

She squealed, and Hanson growled: “Don’t you moan in frustration at me, understand?”
“Yes sergeant,” Zoe replied.
Hanson then started to fuck her. Long slow deep strokes at first but slowly increasing in tempo until his hips were literally pounding against her tight ass. The desk squeaked as their movements became more rapid and both his breathing and hers became ragged and uneven as he continued to fuck her. Hanson was not focused on her pleasure at all, he knew only that she was the instrument of his pleasure and he was going to enjoy it. His cock plunged the depths of her wet slick pussy and his orgasm built inexorably, finally Hanson knew that he was about to cum and he pulled his cock from her slick channel, thrust forward once more and laid it between the even mounds of her ass cheeks pointing along her spine. Then he blew his hot jets of cum across her ass and her back. His eyes closed and his body rigid, Hanson came hard and long, all the while holding Zoe firmly bent over the desk.

When his orgasm subsided, Hanson sat back down in the chair behind him. His breathing was harsh and ragged.
“Stand up and turn around,” he said.
Zoe stood up straight and turned around to face him. As she stood straight she could feel his cum dribbling down her back over her ass and down the back of her thighs. She had an urge to reach back and wipe some of it away, but somehow she knew she should not.

“You have done well tonight recruit, I can see that if we work together in this way your basic training will be easily conquered. I expect you to be available for me whenever and wherever I require, is that clear?”
“Yes sergeant,” Zoe replied. With a dismissive wave of his hand Hanson indicated that she should get dressed, and as she did so he pulled up his trousers, tucked in his shirt and sat behind his desk again. Zoe dressed quickly and as soon as her boots were laced up she stood to take her leave.

“Where the fuck do you think you are going?” Hanson barked.
“Back to the barracks sergeant,” Zoe said.
“Not before you stand at attention in front of my desk, do a smart about turn and march out of here,” Hanson snapped.
Zoe was shocked and bemused by his attitude. They had just fucked each other like crazy, and yet here he was insisting on strict military protocol.

Nevertheless, she stood in front of his desk to attention and said in a clear voice: “Permission to retire to the barracks sergeant?”
“Permission granted recruit, dismissed,” said Hanson.
Zoe performed the about turn maneuver and marched to the door, opened it and marched out, closing it behind her. Sitting in his chair Hanson smiled slowly to himself.
“Not bad,” he murmured softly, “not bad at all, this training assignment may just work out quite okay.”

Zoe exited Sergeant Hanson’s office and was surprised to see that it was already dark outside. She glanced at her watch and at the same time she realized that she was hungry. The mess was open for dinner between 5pm and 7pm. Zoe had fifteen minutes to reach the mess and have her dinner. Briskly she walked towards the mess. She could smell the food long before she could see the building. Inside the mess Zoe quickly grabbed a tray and a plate and dished up some food. Not all of it looked edible, but she was too hungry to care. She put two bananas and an apple on her tray too. A bottle of water was the last she grabbed before she headed over to one of the tables to eat. She ate until the hunger in her stomach was stilled. There was another hunger that could not be stilled with food.

To be continued… The instructor (11)

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