First Times

We have all had that first time sex experience. What was your first time like? We’re you ready? Were you nervous? Do you regret it? Was it exciting and sensual and everything you hoped it would be? After the very first time you continue to experience more firsts. Your first blowjob. Your first threesome. The first time you realized the way you enjoyed sex was different than the way others enjoyed it. And somewhere in there you even experienced your first orgasm. Tell us about one of your firsts.


The above prompt for Wicked Wednesday was set by Stella Kiink, and when I read the last sentence I thought: may I tell you about more than one of my firsts? To say the least, this prompt took my mind on a trip down memory lane.

What was my first time sex like? I have blogged about that before, about how I became pregnant when I lost my virginity. But Stella’s questions about the first time sent my thoughts in a different direction.

What was my first time sex like? It was intimate. In a way it was fun. But, it was also awkward, because we were in the bed of his brother and I remember constantly wondering what would happen if his brother came home. But, I also enjoyed the moment. Enjoyed the closeness of his body. And damn, I wanted to feel something inside me, something other than the things I have pushed in there, such as handles of brushes or pens and pencils. I was definitely ready for it, as ready as anyone of almost 16 can be. I was curious, that’s for sure. I wanted to experience it, and not only because of my idiotic plan to have a baby so I could leave school. I think you can say I was nervous. Not about what we were doing and the consequences of it, but as I said, because we were in his brother’s bed.

Do I regret it? There might have been times that I have regretted the fact that my childhood stopped there and I missed out on many things my fellow teenagers experienced, but I never once regretted the fact that I had my daughter. It was a conscious decision to fall pregnant and hence one of the reasons why I refused to have my child adopted, as was suggested back then.

Of course other firsts followed…

… the first time I married and had a wedding night. Disaster, I tell you. Pure disaster. I was only 20 when I got married and I really believed everything he told me. I believed that he was the only man on earth who would want to marry me, and I believed this because he told me no one else would want me. On our wedding day, at our wedding party, I discovered he told me a HUGE lie. I was so angry at him that when we went to our hotel that night, I didn’t share the bed with him. We slept in separate beds.

… the first time I was with a woman was when I entered a relationship with a married couple. This of course was also the first time I was involved in a threesome. Even though, after being with them for a couple of months, I learned to resent her as much as she resented me from day 1, she taught me a lot about making love to a woman. Unfortunately the experience with them ended so badly that it took many years before I was with a woman again. It’s actually only since our first D/s date with another couple that I have been with a woman again on a reasonably frequent basis. Not frequent enough, I can tell you!

… the first time I had sex at the office. I had this colleague I really fancied, but he was married. However, he fancied me too and one night it so happened that both of us were working late. He came to my office, we talked, we had coffee together and one thing lead to another. Before I knew we were touching and kissing. He locked the office door and fucked me on the carpet in my office.

… the first time I had anal sex. I dreamed about anal sex long before the first time I experienced it. I never thought about it in detail before the first time, but I was just curious about how it felt. I was too ashamed of my thoughts to ever think about trying it with any of the men I had in my life. Hell, I wouldn’t even have dreamed about suggesting it to them. And then one night, it just happened. My anal virginity was taken and I was hooked on anal sex ever since!

… the first (and last) time I cheated on my husband. Yes, I cheated on a husband, but that husband was not Master T. This is a story I still want to tell for this blog. Why did I cheat? Because my marriage was not a good one (obviously, as I am a faithful kind of person) and because the opportunity to be unfaithful presented itself at the worst time of my marriage. There is never an excuse for being unfaithful though, which is just my opinion. One day I will pen down this story and post it on the blog.

… the first time I was fucked by another man in the presence of my husband. This happened on the third date we had with a lovely couple. This is the same couple of which I would love to spend a lot more sexy time with the woman, as she is the one who brought me back some of my confidence to have sex with a woman.

This turned out to be a longer post than I thought it would be and I am sure that there are many firsts I can add to this. But these above are the ones that came to mind as I took my steps down memory lane. Thanks, Stella Kiink for a great prompt!

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5 thoughts on “First Times

  1. I totally agree with your sentiments on anal. I too was curious, but didn’t ever imagine I’d do it and then one night it just happened!

  2. Wow. This is a veritable smorgasbord of firsts, Marie. I love the way you have listed them like this, so that we can feel the pain of the possibly-not-so-good ones and the joy of those that were memorable for all the right reasons. As always, a fantastic response to an equally fantastic prompt. Jane xxx

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