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Body image is something many women struggle with. It’s not only body image many women struggle with but many also feel uneasy about their sexuality and sexual desires and some are even ashamed of it. It took me half my life to accept my sexuality, to understand that I am allowed to have sexual desires and it took me even longer to start loving my body.

Imagine id there was a way for young women to safely explore their sexuality, while at the same time exhibiting their bodies for others to see. A place where they feel safe, where they are accepted no matter what their body type or sexual desires. Imagine that instead of feeling ashamed of their desires, their sexuality, they feel proud and enjoy it? How would it be for young women to be able to explore their sexuality in front of the camera, showing their faces and not being afraid that they might be judged for it? On Ersties young women do just that.

This is their ‘about us’ text:

We call ourselves the Dudettes*, an all-female team of film students and photographers, with the aim of exhibiting female sexuality and eroticism in a natural and unique way. For the first time in front of a camera young German girls, most of them students, talk about themselves and what turns them on. Usually nervous at first, they quickly lose their inhibitions as we film them. Our girls are not indistinguishable silicon Barbie Dolls or primped up blond porno stars. Here you’ll find girls that you would never expect to see on camera this way. Everything is natural and real.

There will be two camps when people see this website. One side will feel that these young women are exploited in some way and degraded because they are displayed openly on the Internet, but the other side will be more positive. I prefer to be positive always and also viewed this website with positivity. These girls would not be on here if they have not chosen to be.

The young women on this site mainly come from several European countries, but there are also some from Australia and Canada. They all have different body types. On the videos, some of them masturbate and others engage in sex with other women. Seeing the confidence in these women, to just run with their desires and touch themselves in a most intimate way without shying away from the camera, is brilliant. I wish more woman can have the confidence doing this, being happy with their bodies, and here I definitely include myself. Lots more should be done to encourage women – and men – to be confident with who they are, to accept themselves and to me, this website somehow radiates that. Too many women are overly concerned about what they look like, afraid that they might be laughed at when they express their sexuality. Maybe those women – and again I include myself – should try and film themselves while masturbating and when they look at the videos afterwards, do it in a positive way to see the beauty of themselves.

There are also male-female couples on the site, and to me it was clear that these couples were in a relationship. They seemed to be confident with each other. But, how does it go when total strangers have sex? Ersties asked two total strangers to have sex with each other. Here’s a teaser:

Have you ever had sex with someone you just met? Remember that nervous feeling when you know you’re about to bare yourself to the other person, even if driven by passion and desire? This teaser shows how nervous and almost clumsy the man and woman are with each other, but desire helps them to overcome it and be more confident. It might be played, but even if it is, I still like that they are getting to know each other’s bodies as they go along. They steal glances at each other, trying to take in more of the other’s body than only what they are touching. The teaser left me squirming and wanting to see more. I would have been satisfied with only the teaser if this video left me feeling like I was looking at just another sex clip.

Ersties claims to exhibit female sexuality and eroticism in a natural and unique way. My opinion is that they succeed in that. It might be worth it to become a member of the site if you want to see more.

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