Bicycle Lane

After managing the mail box scavenger hunt, we walked for a bit, crossed the street, tram lines and a bicycle path. I mentioned to Master T that I still needed ‘cycle trail’ as one of the notches for the Scavenger Hunt. The Netherlands has an incredibly huge and well-organized network of bicycle paths, so you would think this notch should be easy. However, the bicycle path we had just crossed was quite busy, as were the road next to it. And that’s just it. Bicycle paths are always next to roads, in plain sight of everyone driving by and making it more of a challenge to gain this as a notch.

Then we walked into the woods…

Just off the busy road, into the woods, where we discovered another cycle trail(click to enlarge)
Just off the busy road, into the woods, where we discovered another cycle trail
(click to enlarge)


Can you imagine my surprise when we entered the woods and I saw the sign painted on the hardened path? There was a ‘cycle trail’ or ‘bicycle lane’ running right through the woods. We were still too close to the road so decided to follow the path and find a quieter spot to take a photo and add this notch to my list. But, we were not the only ones in the woods. Several times we heard people talking and saw them either walking their dogs or passing us on bicycles. We continued walking and came to a clearing in the woods.

Crossroads at a clearing in the woods(click to enlarge)
Crossroads at a clearing in the woods
(click to enlarge)


This looked like the perfect spot to execute our plans, until we heard voices. And yes indeed, a young couple turned into our direction, walking their dog. We sat down on a bench (and totally forgot that I still need bench as a notch for my Scavenger hunt adventures) nearby and while waiting for the couple to pass us and disappear, another couple cycled by, crossing the path of the young couple. Had the young couple not walked towards us, I would have stood there with my bare ass and the cycling couple coming from behind me and Master T.

A quick flash of my bare ass, pulling up my dress and showing off my stockings(click to enlarge)
A quick flash of my bare ass, pulling up my dress and showing off my stockings
(click to enlarge)


Even though we thought it would be quiet in the woods, it wasn’t. Still, patience paid off and I managed to get the cycle trail for the Scavenger Hunt.

 Have you done a Scavenger Hunt yet? Come on, it’s fun and you can earn your own badges. Or,  just follow the links and see other locations from other participants.

This is my 33rd Scavenger Hunt location.



2 thoughts on “Bicycle Lane

  1. These are fantastic photos, Rebel! I’ve combined bike ramp and bike lanes – and have updated the SH pages, finally 🙂

    xx Dee

  2. Your ASS is Very Nice! From Your writing, You just might have enjoyed getting caught with Your Very Nice ASS, Very Bare for that Moment! The bike lane pics are a great lead-in to ‘Your Very Nice ASS’ Great Stuff!

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