Bad Sex Challenge

This week’s Wicked Wednesday prompt was set by Stella Kiink and it was definitely quite a challenge:

Are you up for a challenge? We’ve all had bad sex at some time in our lives, some more than others. We’ve been with someone who has left us wanting. Wanting more or maybe just wanting to leave. Maybe you thought it was terrible but your partner thought it was some of the best they’ve ever had. The question is, can you make bad sex erotic? Can you write about someone having bad sex (the reader being able to tell the sex is bad) yet make it sound alluring? I’ve struggled with this idea for a while because I think it can be done. Give us bad sex, but make it sexy.

Let’s see if I can make bad sex a bit sexy…


They had once been married. Both of them had moved on to new relationships, new lives away from each other. One day, they happened to literally bump into each other in the shopping mall. After an awkward greeting they agreed to have a cup of coffee together. All anger they had felt when they decided on a divorce had disappeared a long time ago. What remained were two people sitting across from each other, knowing that once they had shared the same dreams, the same bed.
“We were good together, weren’t we?” he asked and she only nodded.
“Are you in a relationship now?” he asked again.
“No, not really,” she answered.
“So there’s someone you fancy?”
She only nodded again.

How it happened, neither of them understood when they thought back on it. They made an appointment to meet each other one more time. For sex. Just for old times sake, they said to each other. Because we were so good together, they tried to sound convincing. A week later they met each other at a motel on the edge of the next town. He unlocked the door and they entered the room together. Not really knowing how to continue, they stood fumbling with their hands and neither looked at each other. The entire meeting felt wrong. Almost business-like. But neither of them wanted to back out. Both of them were curious. She dashed into the bathroom and locked the door. When the door opened, she was naked. He was too and waiting for her on the bed.

She lay down next to him. They attempted to kiss, but it did not feel right. His hands wandered over her body. It felt vaguely familiar, yet strange. Her confidence were gone. Should she touch him? Should she try to kiss him again? What came natural during their marriage, she now had to think about. Not knowing what to do, she just lay there with her eyes closed and tried to concentrate on his touch and forget who he was.
“Turn on your side, let me fuck you from the back, like we always did.”

His words instantly brought her back to the reality of who he as. Just before she turned over she glanced at his cock. It was hard and ready. But was it as thick and short when they were married? She turned on her side and pushed her backside towards him, cradling against his body. He tried to enter her from behind, but didn’t manage. She lifted her leg to give him more room and after what felt like minutes, she felt him pushing inside. Fumbling around had made his cock less erect than it was before she turned over. He pushed into her a couple of times and the hardness returned. She tried to remember if this was what it felt like when they were married.

He pushed into her with a steady rhythm. The quicker he pushed, the more she moaned. She wanted it to be over. This had been a mistake, even though he seemed to be enjoying him. She could hardly feel him inside her. She arched her back to make it easier for him to fuck her from behind. Her moans got louder. His hand grabbed one of her breasts and he held on while he banged into her. His hand on her breast had a familiar feel to it. The harder he banged, the louder she moaned, until she heard his grunting as he climaxed. Wet sticky fluid ran down the back of her legs and she had to stifle a giggle when she realized he had not even been inside her. No wonder she could not feel anything.

When she felt it was appropriate, she got up and went to the bathroom to clean herself up and get dressed again. She was relieved when she sat in her car. She should have known this was a mistake. Their sex life was okay when they were married and definitely not the reason they had filed for divorce, but this meeting was a huge mistake. Half-hearted promises of ‘see you around’ were made when they said their goodbyes inside the motel room, but she knew for sure she wouldn’t have sex with him ever again.

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10 thoughts on “Bad Sex Challenge

  1. That was just painfully awkward…and yet, still pretty erotic. 🙂

    I’m with KatieButterfly though…it would NEVER happen with my ex-husband. Not if he were the last cock on earth and our need to fuck was all that stood between us and extinction. No.

    1. Since this was loosely based on what I have done, I can safely say they will never meet again 😉

  2. Oh, this reminds me of the bad sex of my teen years – there were guys who forever seemed to be slipping out of me, and the actual sex was never as good as the build up. Great piece though x

  3. I am glad I could get the feeling and the message across… and I have been that woman. Half of this is true, half of it’s fiction…

    Rebel xox

  4. God forbid that hubby and I ever split up, but if we do, I shall let this tale be a warning to me.

    Katie xx

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