Afternoon Fuck

This past couple of weeks, while I was recovering from my injury, many things came to a stand still. But , as I was getting more mobile and in a much better frame of mind, Master T decided it was time to get me back in line again. He first just made a casual mention of it, which should have been warning enough for me.

A couple of days later, on a Sunday morning on our way out for a lunch date…

“Are you wearing underwear?”
“Uhh… yes…” I answered.
“What are you wearing?”
“A bra and panties.”
“Uhh… because… I. Because then this dress looks better because it shows when I’m not wearing a bra,” I explained. I had no explanation for the panties.
“And your charms?”
I just shook my head. By now I was feeling ashamed that I haven’t listened to His casual warning.

“When we get home you are going to plug your ass,” He said on our way to our lunch date.
“Yes, Mijnheer,” I answered.
“And from now on, you’re back in line. No excuses.”
“Yes, Mijnheer.”

Three hours later we were on our way home again. Master T followed me to the bedroom and sat down in His recliner. I was stalling a bit, not sure what was expected of me other than putting the plug in, but at the same time feeling a bit shy too. And guilty.
“Take it all off,” Master T ordered.
“My clothes?” I asked, even though I knew what He meant. This is part of my way of hiding my shyness. He didn’t answer and I quickly took all my clothes off. I had my back turned to Him as I was sitting on the side of the bed and when I turned back, He was waiting with His arms behind His back.
“Bend over the bed,” He said and it was then that I saw the RVS cane.
“Please be gentle, Mijnheer, it’s been weeks,” I blabbered and begged without thinking.
I have no idea how many times the cane touched me, but some of the strikes were intense enough to make me moan.

Afterwards He sat down in His recliner again and ordered me to stand right in front of Him. In one move, He pushed His finger into my wet cunt. The combination of thoughts of being plugged again and the touch of the cane had left me wet. His fingers moved from inside me to my clitoris and back again, and three times He gave me permission to climax before He told me to bend over the bed again and spread my legs. He entered me form behind. As He pushed into me I watch my breasts as they swung with every push. He grunted and spurted His cum inside me.

With His cum dripping from my cunt I lay down on the bed and slowly worked the plug into my ass. It’s literally been weeks since the last time I was plugged and everything felt a bit tender once the plug was in. It was clear that my mind and body had to get back in line again. I stayed on the bed, my legs spread, deeply hoping Master T would grant me another orgasm. That he would run His fingers over my clitoris again, but He left the room.

As if automatically, my hand went to my clitoris and I slowly started rubbing it. I was still too horny to think straight. I had recently bought two different kinds of lube from our druggist, and one of those were supposed to give a tingly feeling when applied. I put a couple of drops on my clitoris, wanting some extra sensation, but even though I did feel something, it wasn’t strong enough. I had no permission for another orgasm, but my body really called for it. I actually stopped. Stopped touching myself. Tried to stop myself from wanting the orgasm.

But I couldn’t…

My fingers went back to my clitoris. I spread my legs more. Lifted my head and bent my neck to watch my fingers moving on and over that tiny part of my body. I pushed my fingers inside me and spread some of His cum towards my clitoris, mixing it with the lube. I started feeling the tingling in my legs and deep in my core and even though I knew I had to stop, I was beyond the point where I could make myself stop. I spread my legs some more and lifted my hips off the bed. Involuntarily I chanted “I feel it, I feel it, I feel it,” and allowed the orgasm to overtook me.

I was satisfied, but I also felt guilty. I should have asked for permission… and now I will have to confess to Master T what I did. This was not a good start for ‘getting back in line’, but damn, it was a good orgasm!

© Rebel’s Notes

10 thoughts on “Afternoon Fuck

  1. I just read this story about ‘getting back in line’. It looks like the story can be repeated (at least I hope so for you).

  2. Yeah, it’s hard to get on track if your head isn’t in the game. Hopefully after today’s bit of fun and your confession, you’ll be back in line. 🙂

    1. He rarely denies me an orgasm, but I have to ask before I have one. And I didn’t.

        1. The punishment isn’t always fun. If it was, it wouldn’t be real punishment, right? And I try to always be a good girl and follow the rules 😉

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