Triple Dominance: The punishment

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Continued from… Triple Dominance: To be judged

After a lovely dinner, the four of us retreated to the bedroom. At dinner I had a glass of wine, which helped to calm my nerves a little. Dinner also gave me the time to get a bit if a feel for Mrs A and to feel more relaxed in her presence.

Master B had once told me that he had made the device that he was going to use on me to punish me. I thought it was something like a flogger or maybe even a paddle, but it was nothing like that. He had a wooden crate with him, in which he kept his toys. The lid of the crate, on the inside, was covered in crown corks. I only realized this when he told me to sit down. By then I was naked, except for my stockings and my shoes. Mrs A was wearing a nice bra and panties, with matching knee-high socks. Both Master T and Master B were still dressed. Master T distanced Himself from the main event, keeping a watchful eye and taking photos.

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While sitting on the crown corks, the thought crossed my mind that this punishment was not really bad. Master B pushed down on my shoulders a couple of times to make sure I feel the crown corks under me. While I sat still, it felt okay. It was only when I had to get up that I felt the hurt caused by the imprints of the crown corks. Before I had to stand up, Master B put cuffs around my ankles and wrists. He lead me to the dressing table to show me all the toys he had with him: a paddle, clamps, a flogger, a crop, rope and some other things. Then he turned me around and I had to stand with my feet spread apart and my hands behind my head. A blindfold was put over my eyes. Both Master B and Mrs A licked my ears, which is something I am not very fond of, but in this setting it was quite sexy.

Master B tied a harness of the bright purple rope I had just seen on the dressing table around my breasts. I loved the feeling of the rope, hugging my breasts and tight around my ribs. Once the harness was done, Master B helped me down on my knees and told me to lie down on my stomach. The moment I lay down I knew that this was part of the punishment too. The crown corks were now under my breasts, pushing into the soft flesh and my nipples. Master B used the flogger on my bottom a couple of times before he lay down on top of me. This pushed my breasts hard against the crown corks. Then Mrs A lay down on top of me and Master B on top of her. This did not last long though as I would otherwise not have been able to breath properly anymore.

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The cuffs on my wrists and feet were clipped together with carbine hooks and my legs were spread. I moaned when the crop touched my cunt, not once, but a couple of times. I tried to push my legs together, but in the position I was in it was not possible to protect my soft lips from the onslaught. When I was allowed to sit up, a skirt hanger was clipped onto my nipples. This wasn’t painful at all and I heard laughter shortly after and was told that the hanger broke in two. The clover clamps, however, that were put on my nipples next, those hurt! I had to keep the chain in my mouth and was not allowed to let go, even when Master B pulled my hair to tilt my hair back. But, I did let go when I could not hold it anymore. The clamps came off, making me moan and pulled faces in agony. Shortly after Master B told me that I did good, that I took my punishment well and should be proud.

But, he was not done with me yet…

To be continued… Triple Dominance: A Master and A Mistress

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8 thoughts on “Triple Dominance: The punishment

  1. Great Story! Your Pictures with the Crown Cork Impression’s are very unique! Thank You for Showing Them!

  2. Quite some punishment but what lovely pictures it produced. I smiled that the coat hanger broke!!

    ~Mia~ xx

  3. That’s one hell of a punishment! Nasty stuff – although great photos of the results 🙂

    xx Dee

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