Triple Dominance: A Master and A Mistress

Continued from… Triple Dominance: The punishment

Please note: In no way has this piece been written to put anyone in a negative light or hurt them, but only to convey my own feelings.

Master B was not done with me after I had my punishment. He had a couple of things more in stall for me. After the clover clamps came off, I moaned in pain. I always hate it when clamps are taken off. Both him and Mrs A comforted me. This is something Master T never does. Pain is part of our dynamic. He knows I like it, even if I moan that I don’t want anymore or even if I pull faces. Comfort only comes after play, not during.

What followed is a bit of a blur for me and I might not remember it chronologically. I remember that I had to lie on my back and that the purple rope – in the meantime the harness around my chest had been taken off – was tied around my upper and lower legs. Each upper leg was tied to the lower leg, keeping my legs bent and spread. During this Master B told me that I should indulge Mrs A. I was laying with my arms above my head when Mrs A lowered herself over my face. I sucked her pussy as best as I could in this position, wanting her to enjoy it. I hoped that at some stage my pussy might be sucked too, but that did not happen. It did not make me enjoy it less than I did, though.

While I was sucking Mrs A, Master B sat down between my legs and flogged my pussy. This gave mixed sensations of pain and pleasure – something I enjoy too. The pain was not bad though. There was a time that my pussy was flogged so hard that it made me cringe away from the hurt and cry. This was nowhere as painful as back then.

Crop used on pussy while bound
Crop used on pussy while bound
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The one thing that did make me cry was when Master B hit my feet. I think he did it with the crop, which was first used on my pussy.
“Not my feet, please not my feet,” I moaned, but he continued. I think it was about the third or the fourth strike that made me pull away and half roll over on my stomach, burying y face. I was sobbing. God, that hurt so much! Instantly all dominant play stopped. Master B comforted me, urging me to dry my tears. We did speak about safewords and limits then and yes, actually I should have used my safeword. It was at that moment that I decided that being hit under my feet is a hard limit. No way do I want to experience that again. I also realized that I should always keep my safeword in mind, especially when we play with other people. At the moment that the I begged for Master B not to hit my feet, I should have used my safeword but I did not even think about it. All I wanted was for him to stop and I could have easily done it. Lesson learned on my side, I hope.

When all kinds of dominance stopped right there I was disappointed. What followed after this was more a three-way and then two-way fucking than dominance. Oh yes, there was a partial massage in there too, but more about the fucking and the massage later.

When playing with other people, I have more or less gotten used to the kind of dominance that happens when we play with another couple. He is her master and both she and I are masochist. Neither her master nor Master T cringe away from our tears or moans. They carry on with what they do and will only stop if we use our safewords. But, no matter how much it hurt, I have never felt the urge to use my safeword. Both Master T and the other master know how much we can take. There is a kind of dynamic between the four of us that I don’t think we will easily find with anyone else.

When in hindsight I looked back on our evening with Master B and Mrs A, I realized that the one thing I really missed was being dominated. Before the date I was nervous as hell, not knowing whether I would be able to handle being dominated by three people. Master T’s dominance was present – that I felt, even if He rarely touched me during the evening. However, even though there were dominant actions coming from Master B and Mrs A, I did not feel dominated by either of them. Looking back on the evening, it felt more like roleplay than reality. Please, these are just my feelings and in no way does this reflect on either Master B or Mrs A. They are lovely people and we had a lovely time together and we would definitely date with them again. Maybe it’s just a question of finding a balance in such an evening, getting to know each other better and finding a different dynamic than we have with the other couple.

After dominance, fucking and sucking and a massage followed. So yes, there’s definitely more to tell…

To be continued… Triple Dominance: Erotic Massage

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  1. Dominance, to me, is really knowing the other person and their limits. Things seem to flow better. But it sounds like it still a lovely evening. I might have forgotten to safeword in the same situation.

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