Top Sex Blogging Superheroes 2014

Towards the end of each year a couple of lists appear where credit is given to the top sex blogs out there. In 2013 I did my own list for the first time and in both 2012 and 2013 my blog was listed on other lists.

There is something about seeing the name of one’s blog on a list that is magic. Having the hard work that goes into a blog acknowledged, knowing that people not only read the words, but also like what they read enough to nominate a blog – that is magic.
I have said several that I write my blog mainly for myself. Knowing that people find comfort in my words or that my words help them with their own situations, humbles me.

Some days ago I asked whether you would be so kind to nominate one of my posts for Rori’s post of the year.

superheroToday I want to ask whether you would be so kind as to nominate Rebel’s Notes for the 2014 list of Top Sex Blogging Superheroes of

It’s easy enough to nominate my blog. Just click the pink button to vote for my blog, but you can calso go to the Sex Blogger Directory, search for your other favorite blogs, click on their names and vote. Done. You can only vote once, but please know that I appreciate every vote I get.

Thank you all!

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