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StoryOfControlCoverThe book:
I received an email in which I was asked whether I would be willing to read this book and write a review about it. I agreed to do it. The book was sent to me as epub and pdf versions. Apart from that I received a photo of the cover of the book as well as one of the author. I also wanted to see an image of the back cover, but this was not available. Neither of the versions I have been sent had any page numbers mentioned, so I have no idea how many pages the actual book has. However, it is divided into ten chapters, has a prologue and dedication and there is a glossary of different terms at the end. The book is dedicated to Adrianna’s mother, which I think is kind of sweet and cool, since the book is about the author’s life as a dominatrix and I think this means her mom has fully accepted her way of making a living.

The author:
Unfortunately I have no idea whether there is anything about the author on the back of her book, but on her website Adrianna Taylor has a bio page. There she briefly tells more about the hairdressing course she did, her modeling career and how she became a professional dominatrix.

The main characters:
The book is written in the first person, and besides Adrianna – or Mistress Hallie as her clients call her – the other main characters are James, Mark and Adrianna’s mother.

The story:
This is the story about Adrianna Taylor and her life as a dominatrix. She is a professional, asking money for her services. She spanks men, ‘tortures’ them, urinates on them, flog them, cane them, give them tasks in a school room setting or as head mistress. She does all these things because she is asked to them, because these are the wishes of her clients. Woven into the different experiences with her clients she tells about her relationship with James and how it broke up, how she met Mark and she visits her mom a couple of times and gives us some insight into her complicated family life.

My opinion:
I found this a very difficult book to read. First of all I came across a couple of spelling errors, misplaced punctuation marks and even incomplete words. I contacted the person who sent me the files and asked whether I had the final version of the book, and he was not sure. Okay, so I decided to continue reading and try to ignore the errors and just concentrate on the story. Halfway through the book I wanted to stop. But, I pushed on. I must honestly say that I was relieved when I was done reading. This was definitely not an easy book to read.

Adrianna Taylor, the author of The Story of Control
Adrianna Taylor, the author of The Story of Control

Why? The story just doesn’t run smoothly. There is definitely potential for this to be a nice story, but then the elements have to be rearranged to make it sound less like diary entries than it does now. The idea of it being diary entries is strengthened by the lists that are in the book. Lists of things the mistress gets together for a session or the long list of things Adrianna wants to take with her on holiday. There are also some personal opinions in the book about what clients like that come across as negative and detract from the story.

I understand that some people did not have an easy life as children, but the couple of times Adrianna mentioned things from her childhood eventually gave me the same feeling as the abused Christian Grey in Fifty Shades gave me: as if you have to have some kind of abused past to be able to fit into the BDSM world. I don’t say Adrianna should not have mentioned anything about her youth – I mean, this IS her story – but mentioning it in one place would have been better than mentioning it a couple of times in the book. This brings me back to the idea that this could be a good story, as long as the different elements of the book is re-structured.

On Adrianna’s site there is piece of critique that says “it must almost be considered the definite work on the subject”. I humbly disagree.

I’m sorry, but as the book is now, I cannot give it more than a two star rating. I just don’t like the way it’s been written.


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