School Uniforms

Like always the topic for Kink of the Week makes me think about my personal situation and has me asking myself questions about the topic.

This week the topic is School Uniforms.

This is a kink that I am very curious about, but would probably never indulge in. I love to look at pictures of women dressed as school girls. There is just something about the white blouse, the pleated, checkered skirt, the white knee high socks and the buckle shoes – preferably high heeled and black. And what I like even more when I look at those pics is when the woman has a red bottom from being spanked. I love to look at these photos and do so with much interest, but I have absolutely no desire to go dressed in schoolgirl garb.

I grew up in a country where it was compulsory to wear school uniforms. We had summer and winter uniforms, but I never wore a skirt. Summer uniforms were dresses in the chosen colors of the school and winter uniforms consisted of a long-sleeved blouse with a pinafore dress worn over it. And of course we wore tights in winter, short white socks in summer and always the flat, black buckle shoes. Back in my beginning years of my school career (I am talking 30-35 years ago) corporal punishment was still administered in school. Boys would get punished on their bottoms and girls got punished by receiving slaps with a thick ruler on their hands. I hated that. Some girls asked to be spanked on their bottoms, but that was against the rules. Girls had to receive slaps on their hands.

Maybe somewhere in my mind school uniforms are connected with something negative, hence the reason I have no desire to wear them. But then again, on the other hand, I love looking at those pictures. There is a kind of discrepancy there.

schooluniformI will try to analyze this for myself…

  • maybe I don’t want to wear a school uniform because it connects too strongly with role play and that is something we are absolutely not into?
  • maybe I don’t want to wear a school uniform because we are not into age play?
  • maybe a school uniform and the prospect of being punished while wearing it, makes me think of humiliation and I don’t want to be humiliated?
  • maybe I think I will not look as hot as others in a school uniform?

Being entirely honest with myself, the thing that bothers me the most, personally, is the last. I do not think I will look hot in a school uniform. My bum is too big. I am not thin enough. I look silly in pigtails. Because I think this, the starting point of wearing a school uniform is already wrong. I will feel ‘humiliated’ even long before any kind of punishment would even start, as my mind has already taken care of the humiliation. Maybe I should actually just try to wear a uniform, but I don’t think I ever will. I will carry on wearing short-ish dresses and stockings and high heels and just keep to looking at those sexy pictures of women who look lovely and confident and young and sexy in their school uniforms… and red bottoms.

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16 thoughts on “School Uniforms

  1. It’s possible that you’d be able to find a uniform that made you feel sexy by getting one that was flattering to your body type, but there’s no need to do it unless you feel a drive to. Unlike in school, in the kink world, uniforms aren’t compulsory. 🙂

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  3. I love the red cheeks beneath a short skirt especially with knee high socks but for me it really doesn’t need to be a school uniform, they hold too many bad memories for me.

  4. The more I read other peoples posts the more I think that never having worn a school uniform has maybe left me clear to explore this kink now as a adult without any of the history from childhood.


  5. I actually think school uniforms are cute too, yes, even on grown women…I just don’t associate them with kink. Well ok, unless there’s a red, freshly spanked bottom showing!

    1. The freshly spanked bottom showing under a skirt, whether of a school uniform or not – yes, that is sexy 😉

  6. When it comes to spanking porn the school girl is certainly popular and like you i enjoy the pictures. Occasionally I play with people dressed as one though will tell you that if it turns toward actual age play i’m out but generically speaking i like the look purely as a visual. As for what makes a school girl hot for me it’s the same thing that makes any woman hot more than body shape and size it’s confidence in who they are no matter the look.

    1. Great to read your comments on this. Indeed, a woman (or man) confident in who they are, no matter the look – that is sexy 🙂

  7. Once upon I time, I felt exactly the same way you expressed in your last analysis. It took finding the right uniform for me to become interested in the idea. I still feel silly and humiliated when I wear it, but the look in his eyes changes it for the moment and I forget all about it.

    Interesting reading your thoughts. Thanks for sharing.

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