I’ve Been Badged

When I got home from my first day back at work after injuring my foot, there was a huge surprise waiting in my email inbox. Curvaceous Dee, host of the Scavenger Hunt, has been so sweet to send me a special badge.

It all started on Saturday, 6 September…


My ankle was hurting constantly and I was worried about it, but at that stage I still thought that all would be okay after a night’s sleep. And of course I was waiting for some response to my tweet, because I had a story to tell.


But, there was a bit more to my story, so I continued…


I tend to quickly move away from tweeting negative or come across as whiny, so I made a joke, while in between talking to Bawdy Bloke and joking about a Scavenger Hunt photo in the hospital (a notch I still need to get).


Molly was very diplomatic…


And Dee sent us some hugs…


But, that is not all Dee sent. I have a brand new Scavenger Hunt badge and I am the first ever one to receive it.


Scavenger Hunt survivor
Thank you, Dee, for my survivor’s badge!


And yes, I hope I will be the only one with this badge, because I would not wish on anyone else to injure themselves, even if it is in the line of Scavenger Hunt duty, as Molly has called it.

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8 thoughts on “I’ve Been Badged

  1. Aww, what a lovely gesture from Dee, although I do wish you’d not had to receive it in the first place! Hope the pain is bearable and you are back on your feet asap

    Flip x

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