Fire and Ice

Vera tripped over a snow-covered rock in the footpath and managed just in time to break her fall to not crush face first into the hard underground. She tried to stand up but everything was slippery. This was not a snow storm. Ice were raining down on her. She was tired. She had been walking this trial since early morning and were destined to arrive at the encampment by nightfall. It was late September and summer was long gone. The days were already shorter and this morning there was a chill in the air that made it clear that winter was around the corner.

Autumn, Vera snorted, you call this autumn? Since when did they get ice storms even before autumn has officially started?
She had checked the weather report that morning. Low temperatures were forecasted, but no snow. Or rain. Or ice. She was worried when the dark clouds started forming around her, but before she could reach any shelter, the rain began. Ice battered down on her body. Vera knew she had to find some shelter against it or she would freeze to death. On the other hand she was almost too tired to move. Too tired and too cold. She lifted her head to look around her and was surprised to see an opening to her right. It was sheltered by two bushes, but just between the bushes she saw the opening in the rocks.

Vera didn’t even try to stand up. The underground slanted down towards the opening. She turned her body and used her hands to slide towards the dark spot she had seen. The closer she came, she suddenly doubted whether it was really an opening. Struggling to get on her knees when she reached it, she pushed her between the two rocks and felt no resistance. Maybe there as a cave after all. Using parts of the rocks where the ice rain had not reached yet, she pulled herself up and started to squeeze her body between the rocks. She had no idea what she would find on the other side. It was a tight fit, but eventually her body was on the other side of the narrow opening.

Ink black darkness greeted her on the other side. Shuffling forward and with her right hand touching the ‘wall’ of the cave, she inched forward. The only light was coming from behind Vera. She didn’t mind. At least the ice was not banging down on her anymore. She was still cold, though. Her left foot struck something in front of her. She moved her foot to the left, but whatever was there, was extended to the left too. On touch she discovered a elevation in the floor of the cave, almost like a bench. Turning around carefully, she sat down. She faced the opening where she entered. Her hands found the zipper on her backpack, which she had been holding in her left hand. She found the box of matches and soon struck a match.

fireincaveVera was in a small cave. In the flickering light of the match she could not make out whether any creatures had recently been in the cave. The match almost burnt her fingers and she struck another. She had to find something to make a fire. Dry leaves and some branches lay at the entrance of the cave. Three matches later, Vera had gathered some of the leaves and branches and struck another match to make a small fire on the floor of the cave. At least that would give a bit of warmth, she thought as she shivered. She tried to ignore the doubt she felt. Once again she wondered where this freak weather had come from and how long the ice storm would last. How long would she be stuck in this cave? She was so cold. If only she could warm up a bit.

A thought crossed Vera’s mind, but she shook her head to get rid of it. No, she thought, this is hardly the time and place to do it.
She debated with herself. No! But you know it gets your blood streaming and it will make you feel warmer. No! It always leaves you feeling flushed afterwards. No! You know you want to. No! Come on, who will know? No! You’re doing it for your own survival. Oh what the heck, okay! It’s not like I’m going anywhere right now!

While debating her hand had already slipped into her pants. Vera slipped two fingers into her wetness and dragged the wetness towards her clitoris. She pressed her fingers on either side of that tiny piece of flesh, erect with excitement. Her fingers slipped back inside her and repeated the same movement towards her clitoris. She tried to keep this up for as long as possible, feeling her excitement building. Feeling the need to touch her clitoris, to stimulate her body towards an orgasm. Already she had forgotten about the ice storm outside. Her focus was on her body, on that tiny place that always gave her so much satisfaction. And warmth.

Her knees fell sideways when she finally concentrated on her clitoris. Slow, deliberate circles around it. Quick movements over it. Slow. Quick. The occasional dip in her wetness. Her mind wandered to different places. To people watching her as she pleasured herself. Men and woman stroking and rubbing themselves while they couldn’t keep their eyes from her. Her orgasms exploded and left her hand wet. Part of the squirted fluids wet her pants, but she did not care. A warm glow rushed through her body. She turned on her side and watched the fire as she drifted off to sleep, feeling content.

Hours later she woke. The fire was out and there was an eerie silence outside. Looking outside through the rocks she was greeted by a white world – a world she would soon move out into, to still try and get to the encampment before nightfall.

© Rebel’s Notes

This post was written for the discontinued meme A Darker Flame, with the prompt: Ice storm

A Darker Flame

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